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Solved MCQ on Database Management System Set – 3

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This set of multiple-choice questions on the fundamental of database management system includes a collection of MCQ questions on different types of operators used on relational algebra. It also includes objective questions on different types of the binary operator in relational algebra and different DDL statements in DBMS.

1. State true or false.
i) The select operator is not a unary operator.
ii) The project operator chooses a subset of attributes or columns of a relation.
A) i-True, ii-False
B) i-True, ii-True
C) i-False, ii-True
D) i-False, ii-False

2. …………… database is used as a template for all databases created.
A) Master
B) Model
C) Tempdb
D) None of the above

3. One aspect that has to be dealt with by the integrity subsystem is to ensure that only valid values can be assigned to each data item. This is referred to as
A) Data Security
B) Domain access
C) Data Control
D) Domain Integrity

4. ………………….. operator is basically a join followed by a project on the attributes of the first relation.
A) Join
B) Semi-Join
C) Full Join
D) Inner Join

5. Which of the following is not a binary operator in relational algebra?
A) Join
B) Semi-Join
C) Assignment
D) Project

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6. Centralizing the integrity checking directly under the DBMS ………….. duplication and ensures the consistency and validity of the database.
A) Increases
B) Skips
C) Does not reduce
D) Reduces

7. Which of the following is/are the DDL statements?
A) Create
B) Drop
C) Alter
D) All of the above

8. In snapshot, …………………. clause tells oracle how long to wait between refreshes.
A) Complete
B) Force
C) Next
D) Refresh

9. ……………… defines rules regarding the values allowed in columns and is the standard mechanism for enforcing database integrity.
A) Column
B) Constraint
C) Index
D) Trigger

10. For like predicate which of the following is true.
i) % matches zero or more characters.
ii) _ matches exactly one character.
A) i-only
B) ii-only
C) Both of them
D) None of them


1. C) i-False, ii-True
2. B) Model
3. D) Domain Integrity
4. B) Semi-Join
5. D) Project
6. D) Reduces
7. D) All of the above
8. D) Refresh
9. B) Constraint
10. C) Both of them

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