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Objective Questions on MIS with Answer set-6

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Here are the collections of objective questions on MIS with answer includes the multiple-choice questions on the fundamentals of management information system. It includes MCQ questions on the basic nature of the system, the behavioral definition of an organization, the creation of an MIS, and the best characterizes a marketplace created by computer and communications technologies for linking buyers and sellers.

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1) The basic nature of the system refers to ………
A. flow of information
B. data
C. information
D. events occurrence

2) Information system specialists also called as …..
A. user consultant
B. user friendly
C. user expert
D. user manager

3) Based on the behavioral definition of an organization, each of the following is a true statement except.
A. People who work in organizations develop customary ways of working.
B. People gain attachments to existing relationships
C. People make arrangements with subordinates and superiors about how work will be done.
D. The primary production factors are capital and labor.

4) In ………. organization, authority is delegated down the hierarchy.
A. traditional
B. classical
C. operational
D. absolute

5) A number of tasks related to achieving a one-time objective such as the creation of an MIS called a …….
A. project
B. work
C. task
D. process

6) Which of the following is the type of electronic commerce that has consumers selling directly to consumers?
A. business to business
B. consumer to consumer
C. business to consumer
D. electronic bartering

7) The effectiveness of a marketing information system depends to a larger extent of ………. from market place to the market.
A. marketing
B. advertising
C. feedback
D. promoting

8) ……….. takes responsibility and keeps track of progress in MIS design, development, and implementation.
A. Time remainder
B. Periods
C. Allocation
D. Scheduling

9) Which of the following is a type of teleconference whereby two or more users are able to edit and modify data files simultaneously?
A. data conferencing
B. video conferencing
C. Synchronous communication
D. Asynchronous communication

10) Reporting the status of activity through a feedback mechanism is called ……… information.
A. process
B. control
C. executed
D. validated

11) ………. is allowed a transaction to be traced through all stages of its information processing.
A. Audit trail
B. Audit data
C. Audit process
D. Audit test

12) The person-in-charge of an organization’s web site is called a
A. Web site manager
B. Page master
C. Webmaster
D. Chief information officer

13) …….. means that information must reach the recipients within the prescribe timer frame.
A. Duration
B. Period
C. Timeliness
D. Time

14) ……. is the period in days between the ordering and delivery of goods.
A. Demand
B. Duration
C. Lead time
D. Process

15) Which of the following best describes the process of tracking data about customer activities at web sites and storing them in a log?
A. customer profiling
B. micro marketing
C. collaborative filtering
D. click stream tracking

16) ………… information system that expresses a fundamental concept and activities of information systems.
A. Model
B. Style
C. Standard
D. Logic

17) Which of the following best characterizes a marketplace created by computer and communications technologies for linking buyers and sellers?
A. electronic commerce
B. electronic market
C. internet
D. world wide web

18) A private intranet that is extended to authorized users outside the company is called a(n)
A. outer-net
B. intranet
C. consumer net
D. extra-net

19) ………. system provides information in easy to use displays to the top and middle management.
A. Decision
B. Management
C. Executive
D. Expert

20) Deciding where to locate new production facilities is an example of a manufacturing and production information system operating at the
A. operational level
B. management level
C. knowledge level
D. strategic level


1) A. flow of information
2) A. user consultant
3) D. The primary production factors are capital and labor.
4) B. classical
5) A. project
6) B. consumer to consumer
7) C. feedback
8) D. Scheduling
9) A. data conferencing
10) B. control
11) A. Audit trail
12) C. Webmaster
13) C. Timeliness
14) C. Lead time
15) D. click stream tracking
16) A. Model
17) B. electronic market
18) D. extra-net 
19) C. Executive
20) D. strategic level

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