1000’s Best Computer Networking MCQ Questions

This collection of computer networking MCQ questions includes 1000’s of objective type multiple choice questions on basic network theory with network definition, network models, connectivity and network addressing, introduction to OSI and TCP/IP network reference models, Layers of TCP/IP and OSI model with physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer, session layer and application layer along with internet protocol, ICMP, ARP and Bootstrap protocol, User Datagram Protocol(UDP), File Transfer Protocol(FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP), HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP) and IPV6 addressing methods and also of Network security and Internet security.

Basic Network Theory

This section includes computer networking MCQ on the basic network theory and their applications along with MCQ on the network type and their structure. Here also includes MCQ on the base model of entire networking, the ISO/OSI model and service offered by various types of networks.

Data Transmission and Physical Layer

This section includes computer networking MCQ on data transmission and physical layer in OSI model. It also includes MCQ on various possible errors during transmission, which are called transmission impairments and the various types of transmission media used along with the transmission and switching techniques.

Data Communication Services

This section includes computer networking MCQ questions on different data communication services; switched multi-megabit data service (SMDS), frame relay, X.25, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), and broadband ISDN. It also includes It includes objective type questions on Q.931 message in ISDN, the basic channel structure of H channels, the different reference points in ISDN and the types of end to end communication services provided by ISDN.

Computer Networking MCQ On Network Security

This section includes the collection of computer networking MCQ questions on different network security methods; cryptography and its components, algorithms, and types. It also includes MCQ on the basic components of internet security along with about SSL/TSL, PSP firewalls and so on relevant to the maintenance of network security.

Routing Protocol and Algorithm

This section includes computer networking MCQ questions on various types of IP routing protocol, types of routing protocol, Routing Information Protocol(RIP), Open Shortest Path First(OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol(BGP). It also includes MCQ questions on routing function, static routing, dynamic routing, alternate and adaptive routing algorithms, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(EIGRP), unicast routing and EIGRP along with the example of a link-state routing protocol, distance vector routing protocols, routing tables, static routing methods, Static and dynamic routing protocols, Interior Gateway Protocol(IGP) and Exterior Gateway Protocol(EGP)

Network Layers of TCP/IP and OSI Model

This section includes the collections of best computer networking MCQ questions on different network layers of TCP/IP and OSI model. It includes MCQ on the fundamentals of TCP, layers of TCP/IP protocol, services of UDP, and the functions of UDP, fundamentals of UDP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP), transport layer services, and the mechanisms supported by DHCP for IP address allocation on a TCP/IP. It includes MCQ on applications of twisted-pair cables, a major problem(s) suffered for transmission lines on the physical layer, Data rate in data communication, services provided by ISDN, and attenuation distortion related to the physical layer of the OSI model.

Wireless Communication Technology

This section includes the collections of multiple-choice questions on wireless communication technology such as wireless data transmission, satellite data communication, mobile data communication, fundamentals of GSM technology, Antennas and propagation, Encoding and modulation, fundamentals of GPRS and WAP and the fundamentals of wireless LAN.