1000’s Best Data Structure MCQ Questions

Here you can find 1000’s of Data Structure MCQ Questions and Interview Questions. It includes the objective types of questions on fundamentals of Data Structure, Stack and Queue, Tree and Graph, List and Linked List and Searching, Merging and Sorting Methods in Data Structure.

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MCQs on Fundamentals of Data Structure

This section includes data structure MCQ questions on the overview and definition of data structure, data types and structured data types, abstract data type, pre and post conditions, linear and non-linear data structure. It also includes solved objective questions on the advantages of using an array, examples of data structures, components of a data structure, priority queue, time complicity of quicksort, applications of the stack, linear type of data structure, indexed structures, nodes in a linked list and linear array and a binary search tree in a data structure.

Data Structure MCQ Questions on Stack and Queue

This section includes data structure MCQ questions on overview of the stack and its implementation along with related algorithms for push and pop, various stack implementation arrays. It also includes multiple-choice questions on overview of queues, different types of queues with its operations, and implementation of queues.

Data Structure MCQ Questions on Tree and Graph

This section covers the data structure MCQ questions on the introduction of trees, definitions, binary tree and various operations of a binary tree and binary search tree, height-balanced trees, A-A trees, and AVL trees. It also includes interview questions on overview of graphs, adjacency lists, adjacency matrix, depth-first traversal, breadth-first traversal, design of minimum spanning trees, Kruskal’s algorithm, prim’s algorithm, Dijkstra and bellman-ford algorithms and spanning trees.

Data Structure MCQ Questions on List and Linked List

This section covers the multiple-choice questions on the introduction of lists, linear list, linked list, typical basic linked list operations, singly linked list, circular singly linked list, doubly linked lists, and its operations. It also includes MCQ questions on the singly linked list, circular header, two-way list, doubly linked list, header linked list, and the disadvantage in using a circular linked list on the list and linked list in the data structure

MCQs on Searching, Merging and Sorting Methods in Data Structure

This section includes the introduction of searching methods, basic searching techniques, linear search, binary search, hash search, binary tree search. It also includes the introduction of sorting methods and several performance criteria to be used on evaluating a sorting algorithm along with different internal and external sorting methods; insertion sort, bubble sort, selection sort, shell sort, merges sort and 2-way merge sort.