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5 Great Tech Tools That Are Helping Students Get Ahead

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A new wave of technological development is also ushering in an unprecedented era of learning. Now more than ever, teachers and parents are taking advantage of digital education tools to facilitate easier communication, enhance retention, and empower students to take charge of their own learning.

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List of 5 Great Tech Tools That Are Helping Students

Here’s our roundup of five great tech tools that are helping students get ahead in school.

1. Interactive Presentation Decks

Boring PowerPoints are gone! Now, there are hundreds of presentation software programs that take the standard presentation deck and turn it into a creative, engaging masterpiece of learning. Most software is completely free and incorporates visually appealing, moving elements that present information in a memorable way. Creating an original, fun presentation will set your student apart in a sea of monotonous templates and even impress their teacher. Using tools like a PDF to PowerPoint converter can assist in creating and converting PDFs into dynamic presentations, providing a unique edge to their academic projects. Prezi is a popular option, allowing an audience to follow content captured spatially instead of in a linear format.

The slides move as you present them, creating a distinct cognitive link for the audience. Google Slides also offers hundreds of colorful templates suited for any topic. With these kinds of presentation tools, you’ll never get caught giving a bad presentation again.

2. Live Learning Quiz Games

There is increasing evidence that incorporating game-play in education helps students retain information at a faster speed. It can even add a healthy dose of competition. With live learning quiz game platforms, educators can create a digital quiz within minutes, display it on a large screen, and allow students to compete and see who can get the most right answers in the littlest amount of time.

Kahoot and Gimkit are two notable options that don’t require a sign-up or subscription. With Kahoot, all you need is a game pin and a device with an internet connection to start playing. This software incentivizes students to learn, giving them the added bonus of winning in-game prizes for choosing an answer correctly. With near-constant access to smartphones, students can have fun using these platforms while memorizing information and competing against their friends. 

Along with quiz games, these can also be used as study tools to help students with upcoming tests. It gives them the chance to put their knowledge to the test and be better prepared for the information they need to know on essay questions and multiples choice tests. It can also help them to be better test-takers, by giving them a chance to practice answering questions under a time limit. There’s no longer a need to buy a giant box of flashcards, now you can be prepared using these online quizzing platforms.

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3. Academic Transcription Services

One of the fastest-growing markets in education is in transcription services for academics. These services especially aid students who need extra help writing down lecture or discussion notes for later reading and review. With improved accuracy and quick turnaround rates, online transcription can provide a student with more time to start studying the material and gain a broader understanding of the content. Many of these services offer customized transcriptions for a broad range of academic levels, including high school, college, and graduate programs. If your student is worried about accuracy, these services tend to offer added proofreading for accurate summaries of each key point.

These services are also amazing if your student has a learning disability and needs help with writing notes. For example, if your student is deaf, using a transcription service can give them lecture notes in real-time and give them the opportunity to read everything that is being said in class, and also give them notes to review for later. It can be a great study tool and help set your student up for success.

4. Project Management Softwares

It can be extremely helpful for students to track the progress of their projects from start to finish, and get a picture of their personal achievements. Now, digital platforms take goal tracking out of a notebook and onto a virtual, interactive screen. Students can create boards and lists that give a comprehensive picture of priority tasks, big-picture ideas, and smaller assignments, all in the same place. Trello, an online organization platform, has seen increased usage in schools. With color-coding features and collaborative links, students can work in teams to solve group problems and meet deadlines on time. 

Having a way to track progress and see visually where you are in relation to your goals is a great motivator and can help your student to see their progress throughout the year as well.

5. Virtual Flashcards

Flashcards are an age-old way for students to test and repeat information, creating a lasting cognitive connection. But, writing down information on each card can be time-consuming. In response, virtual flashcards have exploded in popularity, creating a digital way for students to get studying faster and increase long-term memorization. Students can enter in information to be displayed on the “card” and spend as much time as needed interacting with the contents. Instead of carrying around a bulk set of loose paper that can quickly become lost, students can access these digital cards anywhere and at any time. Pear Deck and Quizlet are two great, free software that only requires a simple account setup to get started.

With all the great new technology tools out there, learning is becoming more collaborative and fun. With a recent shift to increased digital education, these tools can further set your student apart in the classroom and inspire a life-long passion for learning.


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