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How Electronic E-Commerce Is Emerging Over the Time?

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Electronics have infiltrated our lives more than anything else out there. Think about it. Going to work? Your ride is built up of electrical components (yes even the mechanical engine too). Working in the office? Guess what, computers ARE electronics. Chilling at home? Well, the TV, mobiles, the electricity itself… you get the point.

The importance of electronics and e-commerce is evident from the fact that their worldwide sales are expected to surpass $6,310 billion in 2023. Understandably, businesses are gunning to get a piece of such a lucrative wonder. Here’s how they are evolving and how Electronic E-Commerce is changing with them.

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Retailers Are Moving Online (Especially The Larger Ones)

While selling online does benefit small businesses – as it is more budget-friendly and there’s no need to maintain a physical store – larger businesses are also benefitting from it. Online sales surpassed general merchandise stores back in February 2019, and it has only kept on rising ever since. Therefore, businesses, no matter big or small, are moving online to get a piece of the pie from the digital world.

Customers Are Preferring Newer Ways To Shop

There are over 2.14 billion digital buyers in the world – a whopping 27.6% of the total population of the world. Shopping online has been around for some time, after all, who would want to miss out on shopping from the comfort of their couch? However, it did receive a massive boost during the 2020 pandemic, as it offered to buy and sell with minimum human contact.

Easy Access To Latest Technologies

Today, the e-commerce ecosystem has matured to such a height that getting hands on the newest technologies (just announced) is much easier. Customers can preorder or purchase directly from the manufacturer before it even reaches the physical store.

Additionally, physical stores suffer from a very limited storage area, whereas when shopping online, the entire world is the storage area!

Expanding E-Commerce Marketplaces

E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and others have been on the rise ever since the middle of the 1990s.

Amazon, one of the leading e-commerce leaders, became so popular due to its unique marketing strategy – the versatility in offering a huge number of selections to its customers. No matter what you need, you will find it on the platform.

But this also acts as a double-edged sword as you might not be able to find unique products such as IDC connectors or their variants from Amazon. Also, as there are about 56% third-party sellers on Amazon, you’d be better off buying directly from manufacturers and established businesses. This is where TME can help you.

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TME – Global Contributor In The Electronic E-Commerce

TME has been around since 1989 – that’s even before the e-commerce marketplaces began expanding in the mid-1990s. They started as a small family shop established by 2 brothers Zbigniew and Adam Kuczyński and have expanded today to supplying electronic devices and products to over 150 countries including the USA, China, Spain, Germany, Hungary, and many more.

They supply more than 190 unique products, but their variants and alternatives make up to 400,000 products at least! For example, TME offers around 2,214 types of IDC connectors. The stock of a single unit can reach as high as 161 thousand! You can check out IDC connectors by visiting https://www.tme.com/us/en-us/katalog/idc-connectors_112943/.

Final Thoughts

Electronic E-Commerce is certainly evolving due to many factors. Some of these factors are influenced by a large number of businesses migrating online, while others are affected by customers’ shopping behavior.

Regardless, there’s more to electronic e-commerce than meets the eye. And TME – one of the largest players in e-commerce – appears to be here for the long haul, as it has been for over 30 years and counting.

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