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Ideal Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages 2019

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AMP stands for Accelerated mobile pages which is a powerful tool to pace up the page load speed. If you have not made use of AMP for your websites, then it’s high time that you switch to AMP mode. AMP enhances mobile-friendliness and can get you a better rank in SEO. Slow pages can keep visitors off your page, bringing in losses. But AMP plugins can help you in such a scenario and can effectively reduce the loading time. The load time can get decreased by 15 to 85% and provides customer satisfaction.

What AMP offers?

  • It boosts the speed
  • Brand visibility can be increased
  • User tracking made simple
  • Revenue is hiked up owing to increased traffic to your page
  • It offers a High ranking on the SEO

Implementation of AMP

If you wish to acquaint your website with AMP, then here is a quick guide to get started:

Creation of Accelerated Mobile pages

The primary step in devising your site with Accelerated Mobile Pages is by creating a template for the web page. You can also consider bestowing your work to companies that offer digital marketing in Chandigarh. There are many platforms that can be integrated by AMP. You can hit the internet for getting more details about the same. Conversion of the pre-existing HTML pages to AMP can also be done, and you can even consider building the templates by making use of Scratch.

Rolling out AMP

Once you have created AMP, the next step is to check out the same if it is properly functioning or not. You can consider testing one or two pages of your website to check the efficiency aspect. The crawl rate of your website is responsible for the number of days that it may take up for checking the Google indexes and AMP versions. You can consider rolling out AMP at least for a month or even longer than that to test the traffic.

Analytic tracking

Google Analytics is far too different from AMP analytics, and you may require it for tracking your page performance. There is analytics that has in-built configurations for tracking and can be used for finding out the current performance of the AMP optimize website.

Facts about AMP

If the website that you own makes use of JavaScript then AMP will not be able to render the scrip as AMP and JavaScript cannot go together

  • CSS also needs to be streamlined when you think of using AMP for your websites.
  • If you wish of increasing the load speed of your web pages, then you need to make sure that the validation process of the AMP is completed in a proper way.
  • AMP cannot render forms.
  • If you are thinking of using custom fonts, then you have to ensure that they are specially installed for your website so that your site can render those custom fonts at high speed.
  • Sites with Java plugins cannot run AMP plugins, and you may further experience issues with your website.
  • Also, when you use images, ensure that they have the right length and breadth, and height properties so that they can be rendered easily on your website.
  • Videos surely enhance the visual display of your websites. But when you are planning to load videos on your website, make sure that they attain a pre-approved AMP extension so that they can run properly on the AMP-implemented websites.

Why AMP is important?

The primary reason for AMP being so crucial for websites is the ability to get the pages loaded at a faster pace. The speed factor enhances the usability and also stands as convincing for the visitors hitting the page. The equation is simple “Speed is directly proportional to user engagement”. Thus the more users you attract, the higher will your page go to attain the top pages in search engines. But again, merely AMP won’t help, you got to have excellent content at the same time. The amalgamation of top-quality content plus speed can help solve the equation of higher rankings.

AMP-optimized websites have the might of bringing a smile to the face of visitors who are out there hitting out the buttons to satisfy their curiosity. Waiting for the pages to load can be simple like waiting in a long queue, and if there are alternatives available, anyone would prefer switching to the alternative that requires lesser waiting time. So AMP builds happy customers and in turn, makes Google happy in turn, earning you rewards in the form of higher rankings. AMP can be thought of like pixie dust that you can consider adding to your website for better chances of being seen and visible over the internet.

Advantages of switching to Accelerated Mobile Pages

There are various benefits that come associated with the usage of AMP. It can hike revenue and traffic for your websites; there are a lot more such things to add. So here are the real advantages of using AMP for your website:

Speedy conversion

The load time of your websites is comparatively enhanced when you implement your website with AMP. It also fledges visitors with a better user experience and can offer its functionality in all types of search engines. They further increase the conversion rate and also lends a helping hand in engaging the customers to the website.

Flexibility factor

CSS pairing can be done with AMP and can furthermore help in styling the websites. It can again take the user experience to a step higher and also makes the buying experience easy.


You can get the AMP customized according to your choice and preferences. Optimization comes as an advantage that can let you get things done according to your wishes.

Mobile friendly

AMP-optimized webpages are mobile-friendly and thus facilitate the users to browse on their mobiles at a faster pace. They also save visitors from the task of switching on the computer, waiting for the whole process to complete, and then finding out a solution. Mobile-friendliness ensures easy access and speed and makes things available just at a finger’s click.

Hike in sales

Not only does AMP glam up your websites and engage visitors, but they also assist in hiking sales. The performance of your eCommerce store can be affected positively by the implementation of AMPs and can also help in boosting up the sales figures.

Reduction in bounce rate

The speed factor is necessary, the lesser the loading time of the page, the more will you be able to drive visitors to your page, and will make them stay longer. When the pages get loaded up quickly, then the bounce rate is lowered down, which also improves the user experience. A lower bounce rate helps in validating your pages and conveys a message that your page offers what it claims and can stand helpful for the users.

Boosts Up SEO

AMP can also help in boosting your page rankings. Pages with AMP are displayed on the Google news carousel and thus get attention and priority on mobile searches.

Bottom Line

AMP is on its way to becoming a ranking signal, and one can consider implementing t for their website to cope up with the competition in the market. Developing AMP-optimized pages is not difficult. So what are you waiting for? Get Amp installed for your website and see how this switch to Amp can help you out in significant ways in generating traffic to your website. It is a next-generation business secret, so make sure that you make the most of it.


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