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Importance of Automation Tools in the Hiring Process

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As a professional recruiter have you ever wonder how many work hours you end up wasting trying to organize candidate resume, sending them to the clients, scheduling interviews, doing follow up and preparing worksheet. Don’t you feel that you should spend that valuable time sourcing top-quality talent and evaluating them? So that you can close more jobs faster and grow your recruiting business. Wouldn’t it amazing that you have personal assistants who did all your routine chores so that you can focus on the thing that matters? You can fulfill your wish by introducing recruitment software. Recruitment software handles the entire hiring process from posting a job to on-boarding new candidates.

About recruitment software

Recruitment software automates the task and it does everything like sourcing candidates from a career website, from a leading job board, from your email inboxes, and any website. All you have to do just click a few buttons. Recruitment software has an AI-driven resume parser that takes all the data for resume you import and organize them into a searchable database. It also has an AI-driven search engine that searches matches and ranks the candidate from this database in seconds. Once you have added the right candidates into job pipelines recruitment software. It helps you to track and manage the candidate’s journey through the pipeline till they are on-boarded using automated emails and notifications.

You can also create your custom evaluation stages and track every candidate as they move through those stages. Apart from that recruitment software also work as a CRM help. You manage all existing clients and acquire new ones and as VMS helping you hires vendors and subcontractors to source candidates for jobs you assign to them all within a single seamlessly integrated system. Software for the recruitment integrates with leading job board Google apps, email apps, mass mailing engines, and social media apps.

It also helps you analyze every aspect of your team’s performance and overall business. And hence the productivity and efficiency of professional recruiters like you will enhance. You must try the recruitment software to help you grow your recruitment business.

Hiring process needs to be updated

The process of hiring and recruitment is a very time-consuming task for every business leader. The process of hiring includes many steps, for example, posting a job description, shortlisting the candidates for interviews, conducting the interviews, distributing the offer letters, etc. Selecting the candidates for the right fit for the company and organization is the key purpose of the recruitment process.

You should update the hiring process as per the requirement of the organizations for selecting high-quality candidates. By embracing the technological advancement, the process of hiring could be full-proof and faster. We must adopt recruitment software with machine learning technology to automate the manual process of hiring.

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Significance of automation in hiring process

Because of technological advancement, the recruitment process has become much easier than ever before. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the key elements for the simplification of the modern hiring process. Several administrative works have been cut down. For example, telephonic interviews had been replaced by video interviewing that saves time because if the telephonic interview takes 55 minutes then video interview can be accomplished in 10 minutes. Automation improves the recruitment process; let’s discuss how it plays a significant role in the recruitment process:

a. Discover the best candidates

The process of casting a wide net to prospective candidates across platforms to find enough candidates to meet the organization’s needs will be quite easier with the automated tools. It avoids you to deal with reaching out to hundreds of prospects. Now, rather than sourcing candidates manually, automated model sources candidates automatically with the consideration of employer’s needs across verticals and markets.

b. Screening and curation

The process of evaluating resumes, LinkedIn profiles and so on comes under the screening and curation. To select candidates with the right backgrounds and skills for your hiring needs. Automation grabs out the highly qualified candidates on the platform. Then it matchmaking the process of collecting candidates and employer preferences and finds a good fit between the two. AI understands that what kind of candidates need to be added in the various markets which are not an easy task to determine by hands.

c. Matchmaking

Matchmaking is the process of finding the perfect fit for the employees and employers. For most of the hiring managers sourcing, screening and matching is a very manual and time-consuming hiring process. We need to automate our work in these areas to help recruiters and hiring managers to hire faster and more effectively at a larger scale when the number of companies and candidates increased. We must consider using the machine learning model to meet these requirements of artificial intelligence AI and virtual assistants.

d. Offers

Once the interviewer has shortlisted the desired profiles for the interview process. Recruiters need to update the HR system with the relevant information afterward the system generates the automatic contracts, letters, offers and other relevant information for the selected pools. The system also prepares the rejection letters for those candidates who were not shortlisted.

e. Onboarding stage of the employee

At the stage of onboarding, we must do a lot of formalities. With the help of automation, we can do several activities like sending a welcome letter to candidates, arranging induction and training program, setting up IT access, etc. in very less time.


Automation tools support the lengthy and challenging activity of the hiring process. An automated app makes the complicated and long-winded process of recruitment to simpler and automated. We can customize these tools as per the requirements of the organizations.

Recruitment software helps to automate the hiring process. Automation provides a faster and more effective way for recruiters and hiring managers to make key hires at the same time. It also increases transparency and relevant job opportunities to jobseeking around the world thus benefiting the company in many ways.


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