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Improving Your Company’s Brand Reputation – Tips and Tricks

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Despite our best efforts, the company image we have spent so long crafting does not hold up to scrutiny as well as we would like. If you feel like your company’s brand reputation is not perceived in the way you would ideally like it to be, you need to make sure that you are changing some things up. Here are some of the best things you can try to improve your company’s brand reputation.

Change Up Responses

Sometimes, a brand can garner a bad reputation if it leaves messages unanswered. In 2020, we are more connected than ever before. There are many people who want to contact a brand to ask questions. They might be making complaints about a service received or they might just have a simple question that they would like to be answered.

If they just receive radio silence, this can obviously be met with quite a lot of anger. As a result, you might want to look into changing your response times for these sorts of inquiries. An email autoresponder can help quite significantly here, as it can fire back a response to let the customer know that their message has been received. You can set up similar responses to your social media.

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Take a Look at Tone and Language

You might have a fine response time, but the slip could be in tone and language used. Even if your representative thinks they are being perfectly respectful, there is always a chance that they are actually slipping slightly and causing outrage.

Part of this could simply be a generational difference. Quite often, social media departments can be staffed with fairly young people who are just starting in their careers. If your business is geared towards an older clientele, you should think about how your responses might look from their point of view. Something might look wrong to them only for a younger person to think that their response is perfectly satisfactory. You need to make sure that your staff is able to code-switch as they need to ensure that the tone and language are always right for who they are talking to.

Make Honest Changes

Consumers nowadays truly value honesty from their favourite brands. Many companies are being asked to hold themselves accountable for certain actions. If something goes wrong, there is a chance that many of the brand’s top customers can leave for a competitor where they feel that they will get a better service. 

However, if a brand is able to commit to serious and honest change, there is a chance that this can be overwritten. You need to work hard across all areas of the business to build yourself back up as a credible option for customers once more. It is not going to be easy. You might have to reach out to a professional reputation manager to find the best paths to navigate. With a lot of hard work and a positive attitude about the future of your company, you should hopefully be able to climb back up to the position you once enjoyed.

Do you think the brand reputation of your business could use some work? Whether it is through some retaining of your staff or a full overhaul of your business, there are many ways to pick yourself up and improve your business’s brand reputation for the better. Take a look at the position you currently occupy and have a serious think about how to best improve your company’s brand reputation. You might be surprised about how easy it is to come up with a credible path that you could pursue.

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