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8 skills you need to be a good Python developer

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Python has been burgeoning over the past several years and has become one of the programming languages of choice for a wide range of tasks in the business. It offers developers a strong starting point in the programming field because of its adaptability and many other advantages.

Python developers outweigh Java developers, according to SlashData.

According to Indeed, the starting salary for a Python developer in the USA is $88,492. The average yearly salary for experienced Python developers is $112,238; middle developers make $100,975.

What else must you learn to master Python programming? What other aspects will help you top the list of Python developers paid? To learn all the necessary abilities and information, keep reading to learn how to improve Python programming to its highest potential.

8 must-have skills for python developers

1. Frameworks for Python

Frameworks for Python

Developers can consider Python frameworks to be a boon. Since they do not require developers to worry about low-level details, including protocols, sockets, or threads, they can accelerate the development process. You have a variety of Python frameworks to choose from, including Web2Py, Django, Bottle, Flask, and many more.

Once a Python developer gets a hands on one of these frameworks, their work becomes much simpler. Since a framework may effectively save you from the effort of repetitive typing code, a Python framework can help you create an application prototype quickly. Python’s frameworks are useful in a wide range of fields, including the development of web applications, machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.

2. Libraries in Python

Libraries in Python

Python has one of the largest library collections available, which is among its best features. The Python Package Index estimates that there are around 267 thousand projects in Python. Whatever you want to develop, there are high chances that it has previously been done and must be properly documented.

A competent Python developer must know how to find, understand, and correctly implement the packages offered by Python. It also offers a vibrant and helpful community where you can seek assistance from other developers all over the world.

3. Understanding of Front-End Technologies

Front-End Technologies

If you believe that as a Python developer, all of your work will be with backend technologies, you may be mistaken. A Python developer frequently needs to interact with front-end technologies for the client-side to match the server-side. This involves the Project Managers, UI/UX team, and SCRUM Masters for improved workflow coordination in a corporate setting. When you work on the front-end, you can see how the program looks and functions clearly.

Just because you do not have these duties that do not imply you should not practice your front-end development skills. It will be helpful to have a basic knowledge of a few front-end technologies, including CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Although all these technologies are not required everywhere, they are highly valued because these are the requirements of some projects.

4. AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Recently, fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have experienced tremendous growth. It is happening because the industry is implementing innovations at an accelerating pace. Given that both ML and AI are in-demand technologies, a Python developer needs to delve into their core ideas and methods to understand them thoroughly.

According to a GlobeNewswire analysis, the global machine learning market was worth $8 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to 117 billion dollars by the end of 2027 at a CAGR of 39%.

When working on projects involving big volumes of data, having data science proficiency will also be essential. You will have no issue drawing a clear picture for your clients from your observations with any associated outliers once you upgrade your ability to gather, examine, visualize, and anticipate information from the data. Python has developed as one of the most powerful and widely used languages for constructing data-intensive projects, thus it can now help you solve cloud computing projects with ease. If cloud platforms are emphasized in this language it can give a new level of platform to developers. 

5. Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Deep Learning should be the next stage in your path once you have mastered the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The learning techniques and processes used in deep learning, which is a subset of machine learning, are quite similar to those used by our human brains.

You should be able to create Deep Learning-powered systems, which are given below with the understanding of what Deep Learning is:

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Audio Processing
  • Image Restoration
  • Image Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing

6. Knowledge of ORM Libraries

Knowledge of ORM Libraries

A class of packages known as ORMs, or object-relational mappers, effectively makes it easier to transfer data from relational databases to Python objects. By using Python code rather than SQL, developers can use these tools to alter the data that is stored in their databases directly. There are numerous ORM libraries for Python, including PonyORM, Peewee ORM, SQLAlchemy, Django ORM, and Tortoise ORM.

While allowing you to switch to a different relational database when necessary, the advantages offered by ORM libraries can frequently save you a sizable portion of your development time.

7. Version Control

Version Control

Throughout the development phases of any software project, whether written in Python or another programming language, countless versions pass through. The entire traceability of even the smallest modifications can be maintained by version control. When working on a project with other developers, this has ever-greater importance.

Git is one of the most popular version control programs out there, although there are many more, including Mercurial and Apache Subversion. The phrases “commit,” “fork,” “push,” and “pull,” which are effectively what makes version control feasible, will be used while you are learning about it. You should pay special attention while mastering this ability because this will be one of the tools you utilize the most after your IDE or code editor.

8. Knowledge of Multi-Process Architecture

Knowledge of Multi-Process Architecture

A Python developer creating a web application must select a framework or development architecture to keep the application’s internal operations separate from its users. Both the Model View Controller and the Model View Template architectures are available to modern developers.

You should have a fundamental grasp of how your code will operate in release or deployment situations, even though it is the responsibility of a Design Engineer if you are a Python developer. You should be able to recognize and address issues in the fundamental framework once you have a firm grasp of the architecture and have begun working on these settings in order to produce better and more optimal results. 


The most prominent companies in the world prefer Python since it is a general-purpose language that is rapidly growing and evolving; there will be a rise in the need for Python developers. Python developers have been taking on the difficulties of today’s digital world with their skills and competence, from startups to large enterprises and from web development to automation. You can hire a dedicated development team of Python developers to create dynamic web apps, machine learning & AI projects, data science apps, and next-generation digital products.


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