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Top 4 Ways to Convert WebP to PNG For Web Graphics

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Yes, WebP is Google’s native image format that developed to provide a superior image compression technology to replace the regular image formats. You can find that Google WebP becomes the favorite format around the Web as it comes with a small file size while keeping the quality high. But the downside is that it is not compatible or supported by different browsers. And this is where you have to stick with regular images like JPG or PNG. All you need to convert WebP to PNG raster image file with free assistance of an online WebP file to PNG image converter. 

Did You Know!

There are innumerable applications and online converters that enable you to export WebP as a PNG raster image file, but not all of them work best! This is where you have to convey humble thanks to the source of theonlineconverter.com which takes minimal effort to convert WebP to PNG by using advanced settings. 

No matter whatever the reason behind saving Google WebP as a PNG file, the below discussed ways lets you do it all in a matter of seconds. 

Use an online WebP converter:

1. TinyIMG WebP converter:

Well, TinyIMG WebP is indicated as one of the best WebP converters around the internet that enables quick conversions from WebP to PNG. Using the easy to navigate drag n drop method, TinyIMG allows you to proceed with WebP files to regular images. Here are the steps that you need to follow to convert WebP to PNG:

  1. At first, you need to open the TinyIMG online from your browser
  2. Now, simply drag n drop the WebP graphic files into this online WebP converter
  3. Finally, the image files are transformed and ready for the download

2. Theonlineconverter:

This is indicated as an ultimate source that is packed with free WebP to PNG converter to make PNG files from uploaded WebP image files. Plus, this platform allows you to proceed with additional settings regarding such conversions. 

Along with that, this online web-based application enables you to make to and from conversions for a wide range of formats. You can now convert PDF, audio, video, document, eBooks, archive and different files without losing the quality. The upside about this full-fledged source is that it allows you to convert multiple files at once for free of cost. The steps are simply that lets you convert WebP to PNG online with this converter:

  1. Open WebP to PNG converter from this source
  2. Add WebP Google image file into the box and choose the settings according to your preference
  3. Then, click on the Convert button 
  4. Finally, save the converted PNG by clicking on the Download button

Convert WebP to JPG on Windows:

The easiest way to convert WebP file to PNG on your windows devices is by changing the file name extension from .webp to .png. Before doing so, you should make a copy of the image in case something goes wrong. 

Also, you can export WebP as a PNG graphic file on Windows using its default MS paint software. This is where you have to do:

  1. First of all, you need to open the Paint default software by simply searching for it in the given search box from the Start Menu
  2. Then, choose File > Open in order to open the Google WebP image file or drag the file into Paint Window
  3. Now, you require to choose File > Save As > JPEG picture to save the file as PNG and choose the location that want to save the file

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Convert WebP to JPG on Mac:

Lucky for you, turning WebP into a PNG graphic file on Mac becomes easy with the assistance of the default Preview program. These are the steps that assists you to export WebP Google files as PNG images on Mac:

  1. At first, you require to open the Finder on your Mac system and select the WebP file
  2. Then, make a double-click on the image file in order to open it by default on the Preview app
  3. Now, hit the Choose File > Export
  4. From the export menu settings, then choose the Format > PNG
  5. Finally, save the image from the desired location under the desired name

Finally, you explored the easiest ways that allow you to transform WebP into PNG raster graphic file format without impacting the quality. Make a selection from the above lists to start exporting WebP as PNG. Good Luck!

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