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Solved MCQ on System Analysis and Design Set-1

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This set of MCQ on system analysis and design includes the collection of multiple-choice questions on the fundamental of system analysis and design. It also includes MCQ questions on data flow, System Development Life Cycle basis, decision-making model, and the DFD external entities.

Q. 1 …………………………. is an important factor of a management information system.
A) System
B) Data
C) Process
D) All

Q.2  Which are the following is /
are the level(s) of documentation?
A) Documentation for management
B) Documentation for user
C) Documentation for data processing department
D) All of the above

Q.3 ………………………….. level supply information to strategic tier for the use
of top management.
A) Operational
B) Environmental
C) Competitive
D) Tactical

Q.4  In a DFD external entities are
represented by a
A) Rectangle
B) Ellipse
C) Diamond-shaped box
D) Circle

Q.5  …………… can be defined as data
that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and is
of real or perceived value in current or prospective decisions.
A) System
B) Information
C) Technology
D) Service

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Q.6 Use the new system at the same time as the old system to compare the
results. This is known as ……
A) Procedure Writing
B) Simultaneous processing
C) Parallel Operation
D) File Conversion

Q.7 Decision-making model was proposed by ………………….
A) Harry Goode
B) Herbert A Simon
C) Recon Michal
D) None of this

Q.8 A data flow can
A) Only emanate from an external entity
B) Only terminate in an external entity
C) May emanate and terminate in an external entity
D) May either emanate or terminate in an external entity but not both

Q. 9 …………… can be defined as the most recent and perhaps the most
comprehensive technique for solving computer problems.
A) System Analysis
B) System Data
C) System Procedure
D) System Record

Q.10 SDLC stands for
A) System Development Life Cycle
B) Structure Design Life Cycle
C) System Design Life Cycle
D) Structure development Life Cycle

1. A) System
2. D) All of the above
3. D) Tactical
4. A) Rectangle
5. B) Information
6. C) Parallel Operation
7. B) Herbert A Simon
8. C) May emanate and ………entity
9. A) System Analysis
10. A) System Development Life Cycle

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