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Solved MCQ on C Programming set-1

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This set of MCQ on C programming language includes the collection of MCQ questions on fundamental of C programming language. It also includes the collection of objective types questions on C Arithmetic Instruction, Array on C and pointers in C.

1. C language has been developed by
A) Martin Richards
B) Bijarne Stroustrup
C) Dennis Ritche
D) Ken Thompson

2. int[ ] ={5,6,7,8,9} What is the value of a[3]?
A) 9
B) 8
C) 7
D) 6

3. C can be used on
A) Only MS-Dos operating System
B) Only Linux operating system
C) Only Windows operating system
D) All of the above

4. Float a[15], what is the size of array?
A) 17
B) 14
C) 15
D) 16

5. C programs are converted into machine language with the help of
A) An Editor
B) A complier
C) An operating system
D) None of the above

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6. Array is
A) Primary data type
B) Pointer data type
C) Heterogeneous data type
D) Homogenous data type

7. Which of the following is allowed in a C Arithmetic Instruction?
A) [ ]
B) { }
C) ( )
D) None of the above

8. To accept 100 different values into the array we require
A) Loop
B) If condition
C) Function
D) Structure

9. If a is an integer variable, a=7/3; will return a value
A) 2.5
B) 3
C) 0
D) 2

10. Pointer holds
A) Value of variable
B) Address of variable
C) Value and address of variable
D) Always null


1. C) Dennis Ritche
2. B) 8
3. D) All of the above
4. C) 15
5. B) A complier
6. D) Homogenous data type
7. C) ( )
8. A) Loop
9. D) 2
10. B) Address of variable

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