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Top 10 List of Best Job Search Sites for Getting Hired

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Finding the best job search sites that can help you to find out the best job according to your academic qualification and your skill may be a difficult task. If you are thinking about a job after completing your college or university, first you have to prepare your best CV and Resume and have to apply for the job that fits you.

Today job search sites became more popular for both searching and posting a job, “you can submit your resume” on those sites, which are easily accessible through the web for applying for different jobs. It makes your job searching to work easier and faster. So I have listed here some of the best job search sites throughout the world.

 List of Best Job Search Sites

It is the No.1 job search site worldwide. Millions of jobs were posted here and have hundreds of millions of unique visits on it. Indeed is available in most of the major countries and languages. The mobile application is also available for making job searching work easier and faster. For better performance of searching, it has also an advanced tool for searching for jobs by using different criteria.

2. is the top job search site in the US and also available internationally in Europe, North America, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. You can get different jobs based on the different locations and categories by using its search engine. You can also get notified by e-mail about any job post openings after subscription.

3. Simply

It is also the largest site for searching for the desired job for your career. You can search for any job title, skill, company, and for any city, state, or zip. It is also available for major languages and most of the countries. You can browse for any of the topics, titles, and categories. You can post your resume here for simple and easy searching for your next job or even the first.

4. is also included in the world’s largest professional network for building professional identity online. You can discover professional opportunities and business deals from here. It has the world’s largest job directory along with an advanced search engine for finding the jobs for any of the topics, titles, and categories. You can register on this site and post your resume.


CareerBuilder is the largest “online job site” in the U.S. It also offered free skill test service targeting for most of the job titles. You can search for jobs by using different keywords and for any locations. You can search for any of the categories and also has an advanced searching facility.


Dice is the leading career site for technology and engineering professionals. It gives search results based on the title of the job posting and also has an advanced searching facility. You can also get a job list based on the different criteria like country, area code, skill, city, etc.

7. help hourly employers find the best people for their jobs. It is the number one hourly job site in the world. They had innovative tools to help hourly workers and employers simplify their jobs and start living their dreams. You can also sign up for the e-mail alerts to deliver local jobs directly to your inbox.

9. Silent Professionals

A job board with openings across a wide range of security-oriented roles, as well as jobs in logistics, administration, security, and other areas. Silent Professionals also offers a service behind this job board similar to a staffing agency. The service is especially suitable for candidates who have prior military or law enforcement experience.

10. Link

The linkUp is the fastest-growing “job search engine” on the web. All the job openings are indexed from company websites and the jobs are updated daily. You can search for jobs based on keyword or job title and location or zip code. You can also use the advanced search option for searching for jobs.


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