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MCQ on Database Backup and Recovery in DBMS set-1

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This set of MCQ on database backup and recovery in DBMS includes the collection of multiple-choice questions on database backup and recovery techniques. It includes MCQ on different database recovery techniques used in DBMS, failure recovery and media recovery, and the parts of any backup system for database backup and recovery.

1) Which of the following is not a recovery technique?
A. Deferred update
B. Immediate update
C. Two-phase commit
D. Recovery management

2) Checkpoints are a part of
A. Recovery measures
B. Security measures
C. Concurrency measures
D. Authorization measures

3) ……. deals with soft errors, such as power failures.
A. system recovery
B. media recovery
C. database recovery
D. failure recovery

4) ……….. is an essential part of any backup system.
A. Filter
B. Recovery
C. Security
D. Scalability

5) Media recovery deals with ………..
A. disk errors
B. hard errors
C. system errors
D. power failures

6) For a backup/restore system, …………. is a prerequisite for service in a enterprise.
A. Filter
B. Recovery
C. Security
D. Scalability

7) Failure recovery and media recovery fall under ……..
A. transaction recovery
B. database recovery
C. system recovery
D. value recovery

8) The ………. consists of the various applications and database that play a role in a backup and recovery strategy.
A. Recovery Manager environment
B. Recovery Manager suit
C. Recovery Manager file
D. Recovery Manager database

9) In which the database can be restored up to the last consistent state after the system failure?
A. Backup
B. Recovery
C. Both
D. None

10) A ……….. is a block of Recovery Manager(RMAN) job commands that is stored in the recovery catalog.
A. recovery procedure
B. recovery block
C. stored block
D. stored script

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11) In log based recovery, the log is sequence of ………
A. filter
B. records
C. blocks
D. numbers

12) The enrolling of a database in a recovery catalogue is called ………
A. set up
B. registration
C. start up
D. enrollment

13) ………. is an alternative of log based recovery.
A. Disk recovery
B. Shadow paging
C. Dish shadowing
D. Crash recovery

14) Most backup and recovery commands in ……….. are executed by server sessions.
A. Backup Manager
B. Recovery Manager
C. Backup and Recovery Manager
D. Database Manager

15) …….. systems typically allows to replace failed disks without stopping access to the system.

16) An ……… is an exact copy of a single data-file, archived redo log file, or control file.
A. image copy
B. data file copy
C. copy log
D. control copy

17) ………. known as memory-style error correcting-code(ECC) organization, employs parity bits.
A. RAID level 1
B. RAID level 2
C. RAID level 3
D. RAID level 4

18) The remote backup site is sometimes called the ………. site.
A. primary
B. secondary
C. ternary
D. None of the above

19) EXP command is used ………..
A. to take Backup of the Oracle Database
B. to import data from the exported dump file
C. to create Rollback segments
D. to create Schedule.

20) The simplest approach to introducing redundancy is to duplicate every disk is called …..
A. mirroring
B. imaging
C. copying
D. All of the above


1) C. Two-phase commit
2) A. Recovery measures
3) D. failure recovery
4) C. Security
5) A. disk errors
6) D. Scalability
7) C. system recovery
8) A. Recovery Manager environment
9) B. Recovery
10) D. stored script
11) B. records
12) B. registration
13) B. Shadow paging
14) B. Recovery Manager
15) D. RAID
16) A. image copy
17) B. RAID level 2
18) B. secondary
19) A. to take Backup of the Oracle Database
20) A. mirroring

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