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Solved MCQ on Tree and Graph in Data Structure set-1

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This set of solved MCQ on tree and graph in data structure includes multiple-choice questions on the introduction of trees, definitions, binary tree, tree traversal, various operations of a binary tree, and extended binary tree.

1) The operation of processing each element in the list is known as ……
A. sorting
B. merging
C. inserting
D. traversal

2) Another name for the directed graph is ……….
A. Direct graph
B. Digraph
C. Dir-graph
D. Digraph

3) Binary trees with threads are called as …….
A. Threaded trees
B. Pointer trees
C. Special trees
D. Special pointer trees

4) Graph G is ………….. if for any pair u, v of nodes in G there is a path from u to v or path from v to u.
A. Literally connected
B. Widely Connected
C. Unliterally connected
D. Literally connected

5) In Binary trees, nodes with no successor are called ……
A. End nodes
B. Terminal nodes
C. Final nodes
D. Last nodes

6) A connected graph T without any cycles is called ……..
A. free graph
B. no cycle graph
C. non-cycle graph
D. circular graph

7) Trees are said ………. if they are similar and have the same contents at corresponding nodes.
A. Duplicate
B. Carbon copy
C. Replica
D. Copies

8) A connected graph T without any cycles is called a ……..
A. A tree graph
B. Free tree
C. A tree d
D. All of the above

9) Every node N in a binary tree T except the root has a unique parent called the ……… of N.
A. Antecedents
B. Predecessor
C. Forerunner
D. Precursor

10) In a graph if E=(u,v) means ……
A. u is adjacent to v but v is not adjacent to u
B. e begins at u and ends at v
C. u is processor and v is the successor
D. both b and c

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11) Sequential representation of binary tree uses ……..
A. Array with pointers
B. Single linear array
C. Two-dimensional arrays
D. Three-dimensional arrays

12) In a graph, if e=[u,v], Then u and v are called ……..
A. Endpoints of e
B. Adjacent nodes
C. Neighbors
D. All of the above

13) TREE[1]=NULL indicates the tree is ……..
A. Overflow
B. Underflow
C. Empty
D. Full

14) A binary tree whose every node has either zero or two children is called …….
A. complete binary tree
B. binary search tree
C. extended binary tree
D. data structure

15) Linked representation of binary tree needs ……… parallel arrays.
A. 4
B. 2
C. 3
D. 5

16) The depth of the complete binary tree is given by ……
A. Dn = n log2n
B. Dn= n log2n+1
C. Dn = log2n
D. Dn = log2n+1

17) In a 2-tree, nodes with 0 children are called …………
A. Exterior node
B. Outside node
C. Outer node
D. External node

18) Which indicates pre-order traversal?
A. Left sub-tree, Right sub-tree and root
B. Right sub-tree, Left sub-tree and root
C. Root, Left sub-tree, Right sub-tree
D. Right sub-tree, root, Left sub-tree

19) In extended-binary tree nodes with 2 children are called ……..
A. Interior node
B. Domestic node
C. Internal node
D. Inner node

20) A terminal node in a binary tree is called …………
A. Root
B. Leaf
C. Child
D. Branch


1) D. traversal
2) D. Digraph
3) A. Threaded trees
4) C. Unliterally connected
5) B. Terminal nodes
6) A. free graph
7) D. Copies
8) D. All of the above
9) B. Predecessor
10) D. both b and c
11) A. Array with pointers
12) D. All of the above
13) C. Empty
14) C. extended binary tree
15) C. 3
16) D. Dn = log2n+1
17) D. External node
18) C. Root, Left sub-tree, Right sub-tree
19) C. Internal node
20) B. Leaf

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