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Computer Fundamental Interview Questions set-14

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Here are the collections of computer fundamental interview questions which includes multiple choice questions on fundamental of computer. It includes interview questions on parts of processors used on computer, memory of computer, different types of storage disks such as hard disks, magnetic tapes etc. related to computer fundamental.

1) Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have …
B. Primary storage
C. Control Unit
D. All of the above

2) The hardware in which data may be stored for a computer system is called …
A. Register
B. Bus
C. Control Unit
D. Memory

3) 1 bytes is equal to …..
A. 4 bits
B. 10 bits
C. 8 bits
D. None of the above

4) The term ‘memory’ applies to which one of the following …
A. Logic
B. Storage
C. Control
D. Input device

5) The first electronic digital computer contained ..
A. Electronic valves
B. Vacuum tubes
C. Transistors
D. Semiconductor memory

6) The metal disks, which are permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free containers are called ….
A. Hard disk
B. Floppy disk
C. Winchester disk
D. Flexible disk

7) Which can read data and convert them to a form that a computer can use?
A. Logic
B. Storage
C. Control
D. Input device

8) Which of the following registers is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the PC?
A. Memory Address Register
B. Memory Data Register
C. Instruction Register
D. Program Counter

9) 4 bits are equal to ….
A. Nibble
B. Data
C. Bit
D. Bytes

10) Which is not true of primary storage?
A. Information must be transferred to primary storage
B. It allows very fast access to data
C. It is the part of the CPU
D. All of the above

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11) The unit of a computer system that executes program communicates with and often controls the operation of other subsystems of the computer is known as
B. control unit
C. I/O unit
D. peripheral unit

12) Which of the following registers is used to keep track of address of the memory location where the next instruction is located?
A. Memory address register
B. Memory data register
C. Instruction register
D. Program counter

13) Primary storage is …….. as compared to secondary storage.
A. slow and inexpensive
B. fast and inexpensive
C. fast and expensive
D. slow and expensive

14) A memory bus is mainly used for communication between
A. Processor and memory
B. Processor and I/O memory
C. Input device and output device
D. None of the above

15) What is the name of the reading device which makes use of photo sensors and laser technologies to interpret printed, typed or even hand written data directly from the source document?
C. Mark sensing device

16) Which is widely use in academic testing?

17) The OCR stands for
A. Out-sized character reader
B. Optical character recognition
C. Operational character reader
D. Only character reader

18) Hard disks and diskette are …
A. Direct access devices
B. Sequential access devices
C. Rarely used with micro computers
D. Both A and B

19) Magnetic tape can serve as
A. Input media
B. Output media
C. Secondary media
D. All of the above

20) RAM is used as short memory because it
A. is volatile
B. is very expensive
C. has small capacity
D. is programmable


1) D. All of the above
2) D. Memory
3) C. 8 bits
4) B. Storage
5) A. Electronic valves
6) C. Winchester disk
7) D. Input device
8) C. Instruction Register
9) A. Nibble
10) D. All of the above
11) A. CPU
12) D. Program counter
13) C. fast and expensive
14) A. Processor and memory
15) B. OCR
16) D. OMR
17) B. Optical character recognition
18) A. Direct access devices
19) D. All of the above
20) A. is volatile

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