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Interview Questions on Overview of Java set-15

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This set of Interview Questions on overview of Java including the collections of multiple-choice questions on the basics of Java programming language. It provides a collection of questions and answers on the basics of Java classes, objects, keywords, operators, and comments on Java.

1) Object is an …….. of class.
A. instance
B. implement
C. inheritance
D. invoke

2) ……. is the wrapper class.
A. Random
B. Byte
C. Vector
D. String

3) Class is a …….. entity.
A. logical
B. Physical
C. up normal
D. collection of

4) Which of the following denotes a Javadoc comment?
A. //#
B. /*
C. /**
D. //**

5) Object is a …….. entity.
A. normal
B. physical
C. logical
D. normal

6) One interface can inherit another by use of the keyword ……..
A. public
B. extends
C. method name
D. class name

7) ……… must be the first non-comment statement in the file
A. package
B. class
C. object
D. declaration

8) In java thread to thread communication is called…
A. passing
B. sending
C. messaging
D. calling

9) Every method of a ……….. is implicitly final.
A. static class
B. dynamic class
C. final class
D. abstract class

10) The string is defined in ……… namespace.
A. java.Lang
B. java.String
C. java.Char
D. java.Awt

11) A ……… object cannot be modified after it is created.
A. double
B. int
C. string
D. main

12) ……… is a special member function.
A. method
B. class
C. use defined function
D. constructor

13) A …….. class may not have any abstract method.
A. abstract
B. static
C. final
D. public

14) Keyword ………. is always a reference to the object.
A. new
B. this
C. invoke
D. class

15) ……… operators are overloaded for string objects?
A. -,+
B. +,=
C. <<,>>
D. ++,–

16) ……. is a small unit of a process.
A. method
B. thread
C. applet
D. steam

17) ……. is valid for an if statement?
A. An integer expression
B. A Boolean expression
C. A character expression
D. A legal expression

18) Wrapper class is a wrapper around a ……. data type.
A. normal
B. central
C. primitive
D. concrete

19) …….. statement is valid for array declaration.
A. int number();
B. float number();
C. float number[];
D. count int[];

20) ……. operators which concatenate two strings.
A. +
B. ++
C. –
D. +-

1) A. instance
2) B. Byte
3) A. logical
4) C. /**
5) B. Physical
6) B. extends
7) A. package
8) C. messaging
9) C. final class
10) A. java.Lang

11) C. string
12) D. constructor
13) C. final
14) B. this
15) B. +,=
16) B. thread
17) B. A Boolean expression
18) C. primitive
19) C. float number[];
20) A. +

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