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MCQ Questions on The Fundamentals of Java set-16

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This set of MCQ questions on the fundamentals of Java includes a collection of multiple-choice questions on the basic features of Java. It includes the collection of objective-type questions on the fundamentals of Java programs, methods, operators, classes, exceptions, and the example of polymorphism.

1) Java programs are …….. independent.
A. platform
B. procedural
C. high level
D. Secure

2) Methods having the same name, and same type signature are called ……. methods.
A. overriding
B. overloading
C. overwriting
D. over reading

3) When several tasks are handled by a single CPU, it is called ………
A. multitasking
B. task
C. simultaneous
D. taker

4) A Java program must contain a ……. method.
A. user-defined
B. main
C. local
D. return

5) Package statement helps to create many classes to have …….. name.
A. differ
B. vanity
C. same
D. punch

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6) Threads can be created by extending ………. class.
A. new
B. operator
C. thread
D. super thread

7) ……….. operator is used to creating an array.
A. new
B. public
C. key
D. main

8) A method without the body is called ……… method.
A. view
B. class
C. abstract
D. user-defined

9) Threads can be created by implementing ……… interface.
A. new
B. create
C. main
D. runnable

10) An instance of a class is ……..
A. method
B. initialize
C. declared
D. object

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11) The wrapper classes are defined in …….. packages.
A. java.Lan
B. java.Lang
C. java.Nill
D. java.Math

12) What is an example of polymorphism?
A. inner class
B. anonymous classes
C. method overloading
D. method overriding

13) The variable in the class is called …….. variable
A. local
B. minimum
C. instance
D. define

14) User-defined exceptions can be created using ……….class.
A. catch
B. try
C. throwable
D. get

15) To compare the contents of two objects …….. method is used.
A. equals
B. non equals
C. multiple
D. delay

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16) A special type of method that is used to initialize an object is called……….
A. constructor
B. destructor
C. modification
D. editor

17) An abnormal condition occurring in a Java program is called ……
A. error
B. viewer
C. abstract
D. exception

18) Graphics object can only be drawn on ……..
A. view
B. windows
C. applet
D. zoom

19) String constants are said to be ………. of string class.
A. objects
B. char
C. data
D. variable

20) Exception that is identified during compile time is called ……… exception.
A. user-defined
B. checked
C. undefined
D. defined

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1) A. platform
2) A. overriding
3) A. multitasking
4) B. main
5) C. same
6) C. thread
7) A. new
8) C. abstract
9) D. runnable
10) D. object
11) B. java.Lang
12) C. method overloading
13) C. instance
14) C. throwable
15) A. equals
16) A. constructor
17) D. exception
18) B. windows
19) A. objects
20) B. checked

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