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MCQ on Computer Fundamental with Solution set-16

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This set of MCQ on computer fundamentals includes collections of multiple-choice questions on the fundamentals of computers with their answers. It includes MCQ questions programming language fundamental, a client-server network, computer input, and output devices, types of RAM, and the fundamental operating system on the computer fundamentals.

1) A source program is the program written in which level language?
A. English
B. Symbolic
C. High-Level
D. Machine

2) Which of the following operating systems do you choose to implement a client-server network?
B. Windows 95
C. Windows 98
D. Windows 2000

3) Which has the maximum capacity?
A. Floppy disk
B. Zip disk
C. jaz-cartridge
D. super disk

4) Which is a non-standard version of computing language?
D. PL/1

5) A co-processor
A. is relatively easy to support in software
B. causes all processes to function equally
C. works with any application
D. is quite common in modern computers

6) All of the following are examples of input devices except
A. COM(Computer Output Microfilm)
B. Touch Screen
C. Optical scanners
D. Voice recognition device

7) The time for which a piece of equipment operation is called?
A. seek time
B. effective time
C. access
D. real time

8) Number cruncher is the informal name for ..
A. mini computer
B. supercomputer
C. microcomputer
D. mainframe computer

9) The two types of RAM are…
A. Volatile and non-volatile
B. erasable and programmable
C. static and dynamic
D. none of the above

10) The range of frequencies available for data transmission is known as
A. Baud
B. Bandwidth
C. Frequency range
D. Bits

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11) Each model of a computer has a unique…
A. Assembly language
B. Machine language
C. High-level language
D. All of the above

12) The two types of auxiliary storage devices are…
A. random and sequential access
D. None of the above

13) A file containing relatively permanent data is…
A. Random file
B. Transaction file
C. Master file
D. Sequential file

14) Which of the following is the slowest in accessing data?
A. zip disk
B. hard disk
C. floppy disk
D. magnetic disk

15) Which computer peripherals are mounted in a frame?
A. Microcomputer
B. Mainframe computer
C. Mini computer
D. Supercomputer

16) The only function of a not gate is to …..
A. stop a signal
B. re-complement a signal
C. invert an output signal
D. act as a universal gate

17) A computer in which data is represented by a continuously variable physical quantity is …..
A. Digital computer
B. Analog computer
C. Hybrid computer
D. Machine inbuilt computer

18) Which of the following is generally used for backup?
B. Hard disk
C. Floppy disk
D. Magnetic tape

19) The instruction for starting the computer are housed on …..
A. Random access memory
C. Read only memory chip
D. All of the above

20) The operating system manages
A. Memory
B. Processes
C. Disks and I/O devices
D. All of the above


1) C. High-Level
2) D. Windows 2000
3) C. jaz-cartridge
4) C. ARMY
5) A. is relatively easy to support in software
6) A. COM(Computer Output Microfilm)
7) B. effective time
8) B. supercomputer
9) C. static and dynamic
10) B. Bandwidth
11) B. Machine language
12) A. random and sequential access
13) C. Master file
14) D. magnetic disk
15) B. Mainframe computer
16) C. invert an output signal
17) A. Digital computer
18) D. Magnetic tape
19) C. Read only memory chip
20) D. All of the above

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