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Top 100 Interview Questions on E-Commerce part-1

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This section of the top 100 interview questions on e-commerce includes the collections of multiple-choice questions on the fundamentals of e-commerce with examples. It includes MCQ questions on consumer-focused (B2C) e-commerce, the dimension of E-Commerce, types of E-Commerce, and intranet security.

1) Digital products, such as software, music, digitized images, and electronic games are a great fit for consumer-focused (B2C) e-commerce because ……
A. they are always free
B. electronic distribution is more efficient than alternative distribution channels for digital products
C. digital products are not a good fit for B2C e-commerce
D. they cannot be easily monitored

2) The dimension of E-Commerce that enables commerce across national boundaries is called
A. Interactivity
B. Global reach
C. Richness
D. Ubiquity

3) In which one of the following types of E-Commerce, consumer sells consumer directly?
A. C2B
B. B2C
C. B2B
D. C2C

4) ………. is the electronic transmission of business transaction documents directly between the computers of trading partners in a standard message format.
A. Encapsulation
D. Transaction processing

5) The E-commerce domain that involves business activity initiated by the consumer and targeted to business is known as
A. Business to Business (B2B)
B. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
C. Consumer to Business (C2B)
D. Business to Consumer (B2C)

6) What is the name for the direct computer to computer transfer of transaction information contained in standard business documents?
A. Internet commerce
B. E-commerce
C. Transaction information transfer
D. Electronic Data Interchange

7) A ……….. is a B2B trading network that links a particular seller with its own trading partners.
A. Web community
B. Bitstream
C. Private Trading Network
D. Virtual Network

8) The World Wide Web was developed in the
A. 1960s
B. 1970s
C. 1980s
D. 1990s

9) What is the name of the combination of Education and Entertainment online?
A. Gateway
B. Edutainment
C. Advertisement
D. Entertainment

10) What is the percentage of customers who visit a website and actually buy something called?
A. Affiliate program
B. Click-through
C. Conversion rate
D. Spam

11) Secure Sockets Layers does which of the following?
A. Creates a secure, private connection to a web server
B. Encrypts information
C. Sends information over the internet safely
D. All of the above

12) All of the following are major B2C business models except
A. Content Provider
B. Industry Consortium
C. Transaction Broker
D. Service Provider

13) An example of C2C is …
A. eBay
B. Microsoft.com
C. Amazon.com
D. Facebook.com

14) Perhaps a potential customer’s most common path to a previously unknown website is through a(n) …
A. Search Engine
B. Online Advertisement
C. Personal Contact
D. Print Advertisement

15) What is the type of virus that spreads itself, not just from file to file, but from computer to computer via email and other Internet traffic?
A. Computer virus
B. Worm
C. Denial of service attack
D. None of the above

16) ………. includes software and integration efforts intended to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
A. E-procurement
B. Dynamic servicing
C. Human services

17) All of the following provide intranet security except.
A. data encryption
B. user authentication
C. firewall
D. data compression

18) Amazon.com comes under the following model
A. B2B
B. B2C
C. C2C
D. C2B

19) E-commerce is not suitable for
A. Sale/purchase of expensive jewelry and antiques
B. Sale/Purchase of mobile phones
C. Sale/Purchase of branded clothes
D. Online job searching

20) Group of people recruited from different functional areas to accomplish a web project
A. Web Team
B. Web Hosting
C. Web Casting
D. Webonomics


1)  B. electronic distribution is more efficient ……
2)  B. Global reach
3)  D. C2C
4)  B. EDI
5)  C. Consumer to Business (C2B)
6)  D. Electronic Data Interchange
7)  C. Private Trading Network
8)  D. 1990s
9)  B. Edutainment
10) C. Conversion rate
11) D. All of the above
12) B. Industry Consortium
13) A. eBay
14) A. Search Engine
15) B. Worm
16) D. CRM
17) D. data compression
18) B. B2C
19) D. Online job searching
20) A. Web Team

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