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MCQ Questions on MIS with Answer set-7

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Here are the collections of MCQ questions on MIS with answer includes multiple-choice questions on the fundamentals of management information system. It includes MCQ questions on the category of computer-based information systems, finance and accounting information systems, the expert system, office automation systems, and knowledge-based systems.

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1) Information systems can facilitate supply chain management by
A. Tracking the status of orders
B. Rapidly communicating orders
C. Providing product specifications
D. Doing all of the above

2) What term refers to the structure, and substructures, of an organization’s information systems?
A. Subsystems
B. System formations
C. IT Configurations
D. Infrastructure

3) The criteria used to access how user and business needs are met in software.
A. Compatibility
B. Security
C. Scalability
D. Functionality

4) Which of the system uses Multidimensional data analysis?
D. All of the above

5) Which of the following can be used to determine the tangible value of information?
A. Profit-cost of gathering information
B. Labor costs-cost of gathering information
C. Quality of information-cost of gathering information
D. Value of information-cost of gathering information

6) A human order taker can be bypassed when using a(n) ……
A. Office automation system
B. Management Information System
C. Transaction Processing System
D. Decision Support System

7) Which of the following level of managers develop short and medium-range plans, schedules and budgets and specify the policies, procedures and business objectives for their subunits of the company?
A. Strategic
B. Tactical
C. Operational
D. Front Line

8) Preparing short-term budgets is an example of a finance and accounting information system operating at the
A. operational level
B. management level
C. knowledge level
D. strategic level

9) ……. is an overall performance summary to date and compared with the previous periods, budgets.
A. Sales recap
B. Sales data
C. Sales product
D. Sales objective

10) In which of the following types of analysis, the value of only one variable is changed repeatedly, and the resulting changes on other variables are observed.
A. What-if analysis
B. Sensitivity analysis
C. Goal seeking analysis
D. None of the above

11) Which category of computer-based information systems are concerned with improving efficiency by applying information technology to common administrative tasks, such as creating business documents?
A. Office automation systems
B. Strategic information systems
C. Expert systems
D. Business information systems

12) The final element of feedback is essential for system operation and for ……….
A. self-regulation
B. correct errors
C. testing
D. debugging

13) The expert system uses a(n) …….. to select the most appropriate response.
A. inference
B. decision support system
C. knowledge base
D. data source

14) The most advanced graphics software in any system used by management is normally found in…
C. intranets
D. enterprise systems

15) In MIS ……. plays economically sound and logically in the development process.
A. information
B. data
C. statements
D. data flow

16) A storage device that is connected directly to a network is an example of ……..
A. network-attached storage
B. storage area network
C. direct-attached storage

17) Supply chain decision support pertaining to specific products produced at specific plants in a specific quantity falls under.
A. supply chain decision support at the strategic level
B. supply chain decision support at the operational level
C. supply chain decision support at the operational level
D. either at the strategic level or at the tactical level

18) In among the firm’s executives, managers, and supervisors are comes under the…… of workers.
A. knowledge
B. leader
C. informer
D. higher level

19) ……….. are knowledge-based system to which present rules are applied to solve a particular problem.
D. Base rule 0

20) To easily modify the existing system it is necessary to
A. use good software tools
B. use the best hardware available
C. design the system which can be changed at a low cost
D. keep the programming team happy


1) D. Doing all of the above
2) D. Infrastructure
3) D. Functionality
4) A. DSS
5) D. Value of information-cost of gathering information
6) C. Transaction Processing System
7) B. Tactical
8) B. management level
9) A. Sales recap
10) B. Sensitivity analysis
11) A. Office automation systems
12) A. self-regulation
13) A. inference
14) B. ESS
15) D. data flow
16) A. network-attached storage
17) B. supply chain decision support at the operational level
18) A. knowledge
19) A. ES
20) C. design the system which can be changed at a low cost

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