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5 BigCommerce SEO Best Practices to Rank Well

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BigCommerce is an online store builder that allows you to build and customize a presence that you can use to sell or market online. According to statistics, business owners and marketers that use BigCommerce get an annual growth of 28%. In this article, we will be sharing some of the benefits of using BigCommerce and the Bigcommerce SEO best practices to rank well your online store on the search engines.

Benefits Of Using BigCommerce

You will have access to use a wide range of themes that you love and also integrate different payment options like Stripe, PayPal, and many more.

They offer good product management and quality customer support for any complaint or issue.

For the price, it costs $30/month to start as a new business owner but if you want optimized conversion you can go for the higher price.

BigCommerce SEO Best Practices

SEO is an important key in marketing, BigCommerce has a wide range of tools that will help you fully optimize your site. They also offer you mobile optimization which will make your site suited for mobile audiences.

Following are the some important tips on BigCommerce SEO best practices.

1. Keyword Research:

This is very important when writing content for your pages or blogs, you have to research for keywords that audiences are likely to search for, also you can be able to see keywords with less competition which you can easily rank for.

The best keyword research tool to use is Google keyword planner, it is free to get started with and it will give you insight into the keyword you are researching for and also give you some related keyword suggestions.

2. Good On-Page SEO:

BigCommerce has good tools that will help fine-tune your on-page SEO, many other platforms don’t have this tool, so this is a great opportunity for you.

BigCommerce allows you to fill your metadata for each page, all you need to do is to add your meta title, description, and keywords. This will help you cover up the basics of on-page SEO, but you need to do this for each page of your site. That can’t be an easy task for a large website. So, you can hand over this task to a reputed BigCommerce SEO agency.

3. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Audience:

Do you know that mobile version has a greater impact on your SEO than desktop version? So, you can see how important it is for your website to optimize your site for mobile audience.

The best way to do this is to use one of the BigCommerce themes that automatically make your site responsive to mobile devices. You can use the default mobile theme or stencil theme platform which is more complex but it’s the most recommended.

4. Optimize Site Speed:

As SEO is important, so site speed plays a great role in mobile search results. So, if you want more traffic then you have to increase your site speed.

PageSpeed Insight from Google is one of the best tools to check your site speed and gives you tips in improving your site speed.

Some ways to improve your site speed are; using good and fast hosting, using website compression, using small images, using few plugins and scripts, and using a faster DNS server.

5. Optimize Your Categories and Product Pages:

When creating your e-commerce site, site navigation is an important thing to take note of, when your site categories and pages are properly placed and listed, it will be easy for the audience to access the page of their choice but if it is not well optimizing it might lead to loss of customers.

The best way to do this optimization is to create “silos” for the varieties of product you offer or sell. Make sure your categories are well optimized for better user experience.

Some other tips are; try doing more internal linking, and also use apps to fill up your SEO gaps so as to make it perfect and good to go.

Above are best Bigcommerce practices, so try the following tips shared above to get started.


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