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What is SEO- A Beginner Guide for 2019

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The Internet has become an indispensable part of our life. It is the best medium of communication to reach across the globe. It is also an interactive medium of communication. People are heavily depending on the internet for entertainment and information. So organizations, companies, and even schools, hospitals or individuals who want to showcase their talent can’t neglect its benefits. While sitting at home, you can make the most of the internet by easily exploring the whole world with one click. If you are looking to share any information or your creative ideas with a large audience then you need to know about SEO. Here is the simplest explanation of what is SEO.

What is SEO?

To put it in simple words, SEO stands for search engine optimization required to get more traffic on the sites or pages. If you are sharing your artistry, imagination, or thoughts over the internet then definitely you want to people show or read your work. You would be honored; if someone appreciates or add suggestions to your work as the internet is a two-way communication medium. So, SEO is a search algorithm that helps a person to find out content on the internet. The search algorithm considers the words and titles of the articles; content quality; links shared; and the website reputation as well.

It controls the rankings of the search results appearing on the search engine. The first top five rankings are considered valuable because these are mostly opened sites/pages. It is very challenging to be on the first top rankings i.e. we need SEO. Thus, all search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing need SEO to select the content required by an individual from the vast material available on the internet. Moreover, proper optimization makes a better user experience which helps in increasing credibility.

How to make your content Search Engine Optimized

For effective SEO, you should have a clear idea about your keyword. Thus, you can better understand the intentions of your target audience or readers. The keyword must cater to the needs of the larger audience and its usage in your content. The most used methods for SEO are page title; image optimization; Meta description and internal linking. But there are many other techniques you can use to optimize your content.

Likewise, paid links are the practice of purchasing links on websites. If your content is rich, then it would add value to the searches and automatically get viewership. In case an individual is writing for someone else’s blog, he/she can add referral links to his/her website. Thus, a quality link-building strategy is necessary for SEO.

Page speed is the loading time of a page that needs to open as users can’t wait more than a few seconds to open the site/pages. Always try to make a short and simple URL structure. Dead links and broken links must be updated regularly. We can inspire people by using multimedia such as infographics, whitepapers, videos, and memes known as link bait. These are the most common practices of SEO.

Besides, you can use powerful tools such as Woorank’s SEO and website analysis Tools. This is a chrome extension that provides a list of SEO improvements instantly. You can also utilize CanIRank which is the perfect tool for keywords. Further, it informs whether your keyword is really competitive or not and gives suggestions to improve your rank. Along with utilizing all of the methods and tools mentioned above, creating unique content must be required to improve your website ranking. You can use plagiarism checker tools that are available on the internet to avoid your content being duplicated.

For this go to, copy the contents to the text box or provide the URL of the content and click on the button to check for plagiarism.

Why do we need SEO?

SEO is mandatory for visibility to make your content stand out amidst the internet crowd. We will be demotivated if our work/content isn’t reaching to the audience. So, our hard work is completely in vain. Today, we need SEO not only for desktops but also for smartphones. SEO is an ultimate part of marketing to boost its online presence. A well-planned and organized SEO is paramount for any business to reach the target audience. It is relatively cheaper and helps in increasing our traffic.

Search engine and PPC ads play a pivotal role in generating traffic. Traffic means more visitors which is important to generate more revenue. Advertisements are an important source of revenue. However, there are other ways to generate money. In case you have traffic, you can try Email Marketing; sell your service besides selling advertising space. Nowadays, people review products as an affiliate and this is a big source of income. Affiliate marketing helps in promoting the products of other people or companies.

Furthermore, it helps in building connections with industry leaders. The rank of the top three spots on the first page is pivotal to getting the most clicks. Furthermore, it puts information in front of those who need it. To make the best use of SEO, we need to stay updated with the latest SEO trends as it keeps on evolving continuously.


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    According to me, Keyword Research and Analysis is one of the most important task when it comes to SEO. Suitable keywords with proper optimization techniques applied can do wonders for any website.
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