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What is Cloud Migration and Hostile Cloud Migration?

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When you start using the cloud for your business or personal files and documents, more and more terms will start coming up. Hostile cloud migration is one of these terms and it’s essential to know what it means before moving over to the cloud. Here we will explain some more about cloud migration and why you should consider cloud computing…

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving all your IT resources or services such as files, documents, databases and anything you have saved on your computer over to the cloud. You may have to migrate your digital data to the cloud storage due to lack of resources or for saving costs of managing your own server.

You can choose to migrate everything over yourself or with the help of professionals who use cloud migration strategies to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. This can be useful as there can be issues with security and lost files for example, that you will definitely want to avoid at all costs. If you have client and customer details stored you will want to be especially careful when migrating to the cloud. 

During this migration, it’s important to consider aspects beyond just the data transfer. One of these aspects is the eDiscovery process. This entails the discovery, collection, and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI) for legal cases or regulatory compliance. As your data transitions to the cloud, a well-executed eDiscovery strategy ensures that your digital assets remain accessible and compliant, while also safeguarding you against potential legal issues.

What is hostile cloud migration?

If you are currently leaving a third-party data center and they aren’t cooperating with you, this is called hostile cloud migration. Perhaps you want to use a different system and you’re finding it difficult to leave the current colocation facility. This can cause a problem and will likely slow down your migration process when moving to another cloud service, whether it’s a public or private cloud you would like to move to. 

The solution to hostile cloud migration is to get help with the migration as some workloads can luckily be migrated out of a hostile service provider. This will prevent delays and ease up the deployment if you need to migrate over quickly. For example, in a situation where employees will be working remotely suddenly, you might need to act fast if you want to use cloud computing. 

Benefits of migrating to the cloud

Once you have solved the hostile cloud migration problem, you will realize how worth its cloud services are. There are so many benefits of using the cloud, particularly cloud storage when you’re a business or large company. If you have employees working remotely or even in the same office, it’s useful to have all business files and documents stored in one place everyone can access. You don’t have to buy or configure any hardware for storing all of your digital data. It’s not only saves your hosting cost but also increase the security and the speed of your service.

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For cloud services and storage to be successful, you will need a strong internet connection without this the storage won’t be able to sync. If employees save documents on a daily basis, everyone on the team will need to regularly check their cloud storage is syncing on their PC or laptop. This process is very worth it as it saves employees having to email over documents and will minimize communication, therefore saving time. 

Now you know exactly what hostile cloud migration is and some of the challenges you could possibly face when moving over to the cloud, luckily this problem can be solved by the help of cloud computing companies. It’s better to be clued up before migrating and realize how long the process of migrating might take instead of being shocked when this happens. Good luck with your cloud migration process, it’s all worth it! 

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