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How to Hire Software Engineers to Work Remotely

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Recently most software companies have been transformed to remote work to ensure maximum flexible work with commuting minimum time. Software companies can hire software engineers remotely and establish a virtual office to facilitate their developers to work from their homes.

If you are also thinking about transferring your office to a virtual office or going to establish a company with a virtual office setup, let’s continue to read this tutorial. Here we will discuss how you can hire software engineers remotely.

You can consider different hiring options in order to hire software engineers according to your requirements. Following are the most common ways to hire software engineers remotely. You can use any one method for hiring programmer online.

  • Hire Software Engineers on the Freelance Platforms
  • Hire the Entire Development Team through the Platforms
  • Hire Independent Software Developers Yourself

Now, we will discuss these methods in the brief.

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Hire Software Engineers on the Freelance Platforms

There is a number of freelance platforms available on the internet. They allow you to find remote developers and hire them as your requirements. Some of the top freelance platforms are listed below.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Toptal
  4. RemoteOk

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Hire Software Software Companies Through the Platforms

If you want to hire the whole team or the software company instead of hiring a single software developer, there are some of the platforms that provide the list of software companies along with their profiles. It will be the best choice if anyone doesn’t want the lengthy process and does not have much time for their own software development team. Here we have listed some of the best platforms that provide the list of software development teams or agencies.

  1. GoodFirms
  2. Clutch
  3. Wadline

Hire Independent Software Engineers Yourself

Instead of hiring the individual software engineer or the entire team through the online platform, you can hire each developer as your requirements using your own system. Use the following steps if you want to hire software developers online for your company.

1. Set Your Goals or Requirements

Before starting the hiring process, you should know what type of developers you will need. For example, you have to decide whether you need database experts or front-end developers, or the backend developers or only required the developers for the specific programming language.

2. Publish Notice

After identifying your requirements, you have to publish the notice for the public on your website, social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and the job posting websites available on the internet.

3. Use the Appropriate Remote Work Tools

Before hiring the developers, you have to set the appropriate remote work tool that will help you to manage your development team or manage the project itself. The remote work tool such as slack helps you to organize the team and efficiently communicate to the team.

4. Take the First Screening

When you have received the applications from the software developers, you have to take the first interview to check whether the candidate has the skills that makes difference from the others.

The interview can be taken through the video calls in order to check their soft skills, problem-solving capacity, creativity, team working capacity, and skills for prioritizing main functions while performing the tasks.

5. Take the Technical Screening

After shortlisting the candidates from the first screening, you have to take the technical screening in order to check the technical skills of the candidates. You can take the online exam to evaluate the in-depth technical knowledge of the candidate. You may also assign the trial project when the candidate passes the online exam to check their work quality and problem-solving skill.

6. Take the Final Interview

When you have completed the interviews to evaluate the soft skills and the technical skills of your candidate, you have to take the final interview. It will help to find out the salary expectations, working hours, and other expectations of the candidate.

7. Select the Desired Candidate

Now, you have to select the desired candidate and offer the job for the best candidate. You should also deliver a strong offer based on the qualifications, skills, and experiences of the candidate.


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