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A Guide to Choosing an NBN Plan That Works For You

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In today’s fast-moving world, having fast internet is something we have come to depend on. We use the internet for many purposes, in both our personal and professional life. It is our gateway to the world, as many of us rely on it for information, whether this means accessing the latest news or using the World Wide Web for research and education.

We rely on our internet connection in order to stay in touch with others, as our offline life is complemented by socializing online. It is our source of inspiration and we often share our projects and experiences in order to inspire others. We store our memories online and we use the internet to document our life. We shop online and we even use our internet connection for entertainment.

In Australia, the goal of providing access to fast broadband nationally has taken the form of the NBN™ broadband access network. With the government undertaking the project of creating the necessary infrastructure for this purpose and becoming a wholesaler. Domestic users or businesses can access this network by contacting the service provider of their choice and by opting for one of the available NBN plans.

NBN the National Broadband Access Network

NBN co limited was established in 2009 in order to ensure access to fast broadband for Australians, in a timely fashion, at convenient prices, and with minimal costs.

It is owned by the Commonwealth of Australia, as a Government Business Enterprise.

In the Government’s Statement of Expectations, it is established that the goal of the NBN™ broadband access network is to ensure minimal download speeds of 25 Mbps for all premises and at least 50 Mbps download speeds for 90% of the Fixed Line network.

Basically, the goal is to create the necessary infrastructure. So that in cooperation with phone and internet providers, by connecting the NBN™ broadband access network to the providers’  local and international networks, the digital gap between country and city, between remote and accessible locations is erased. Thus providing a fast internet connection to Australia in its entirety.

Types of Connections

It is important to note that the national broadband access network takes advantage of the existing infrastructure and works on upgrading it. So that in the end a national coverage is reached.

There are several types of technologies employed in order to provide broadband access.

For accessible locations, fixed lines connections are used. This means that optic fiber is used to connect directly to buildings and premises. In some cases the NBN™ optic fiber connects to premises through existing copper networks or through coaxial cable networks, thus taking advantage of the existing infrastructure.

For remote areas, the connection is achieved through the wireless delivery of data from a transmission tower to an antenna fixed to the roof of the establishment. Another form of data delivery for secluded locations is satellite transmission. In this case, the NBN Sky Muster™ satellite transmission is picked up by the satellite dish installed on the client’s premises.

Choosing Between Different NBN Plans

When switching to a NBN powered plan, there are several things to consider, such as which phone and internet provider. You want to select (seeing how NBN co limited is a wholesaler), the specific service package you want to opt for, and the speed tier that will work best for you, depending on your needs and on what options are available in your area. In order to connect, all you have to do is to contact the internet provider of your choice and select one of the NBN plans the provider is offering.

There are several factors that will impact the speed you benefit from and the overall internet experience, such as the type of NBN™ technology used in your area, the way your internet and phone provider’s network is configured, the quality of the equipment used on your premises, the time frame when you access the internet (because extra traffic at the same time usually means a reduction in speed), the actual number of persons connected at the same time in your home and the type of content you upload or download.


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