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Timing Your Thread Posts: Unveiling the Best Time to Post on Threads

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Since breaking onto the scene in 2023, Threads has rapidly become one of the most popular social media apps. Since its launch, Threads has gained over 130 million active users. Perhaps this isn’t really all that surprising because Meta (the company behind Facebook and Instagram) also owns Threads. 

While Threads’ large user base is undoubtedly exciting, it does mean the competition for visibility is as stiff as ever. Because of this, brands and companies are continuously exploring how to make their content stand out on this new social platform. Threads allow users to post different types of content, including photos and videos. As such, lots of businesses pay close attention to this area to ensure their content is quality. 

But here’s the thing: as far as threads are concerned, the timing of your thread posts is just as important as the quality of the posts. In this article, you’ll discover the best time to post on threads to ensure your content gains the visibility you want.

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Why does the timing of your thread posts matter?

The timing of your thread posts is always crucial for better engagement statistics on social media. This particular fact extends beyond Threads alone and covers other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even X (formerly Twitter). The reason for this is simple: your target audience always has a particular time frame when they’re most active online. 

Timing your thread posts to coincide with these timeframes significantly increases your chances of visibility. Conversely, posting when they’ll be busy or unavailable due to other causes reduces the chances that your content will be seen.

This aside, there’s also the issue of syncing with the algorithm. The way Threads’ algorithm works isn’t fully understood yet; however, it appears to be similar to that of Instagram. Basically, the way the algorithm works is that it measures how well your thread posts perform with your immediate followers. It does this by evaluating the number of views, interactions, etc. If this interaction score is high, the algorithm then helps you push your content to a wider audience on Threads.

This, in turn, ensures that more people beyond your followers get to see and interact with your post. Based on this, it’s evident that the early performance of your content after you’ve posted it significantly determines how viral it gets. To ensure your posts get good metrics, you’ll want to ensure you’re posting when your audience and followers are around to see them. This is why understanding the best time to post on threads is so important.

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Best Time To Post On Threads

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to posting content on threads. Instead, you should know that prime posting time on social media depends on the day of the week. Let’s examine this in more detail:


Monday is the start of the week, and for many, it’s usually a hectic start. Your target audience is likely just readjusting to the rigors of work. There’s also the fact that for people in the corporate space, Mondays involve lots of meetings. As such, if you plan on releasing a post on Monday, you should either schedule it for 7 am or between 12 and 1 pm. 

This is because, due to work responsibilities, most people won’t check social media until their lunch break. Note that whatever time you choose, your Threads post should always come on or before 1 pm on Monday.


The best time to post on Threads on Tuesday is between 7 am and 10 am. If your thread post comes later than 10 am, it will significantly affect your post views. This is because people tend to start their Tuesdays pretty early, so they’ll be eager to get all the social media content they can before arriving at work. They also want to get their fill of social media before commencing work on a project that’ll likely leave them busy all day.


On Wednesdays, you have not one but two optimal thread posting time targets. Wednesdays are quite unique because it’s on these days that productivity at work slumps a bit. Many people will spend time on Threads to ease work stress before diving in again. To take advantage of this temporary lapse in concentration, time your thread posts to go out around 10 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm. If you really want your content to make a splash, you should consider scheduling motivational or mood-lifting content around this period.


On Thursdays, most people suddenly remember that they have a lot of outstanding work to do. As such, they’ll work late into the night to ensure nothing tampers with their ability to leave work early on Fridays. Because of this, the chances of your thread posts being viewed later in the day become slimmer and slimmer. So the best time to post on Threads on Thursday is between 8 am and 11 am.


Friday mornings are usually somewhat chaotic, since this is when people try to wrap up their weekly deliverables. Because of this, your target audience may not view your posts until later in the afternoon. As such, your thread posts on Fridays should be released from noon upwards. 

This is when people start to feel the most relaxed as their workday comes to an end. You should also schedule some late-night posts for Friday because lots of people will be online from around 9 pm to 2 am.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

People tend to sleep in on Friday nights. Because of this, early posts around 7 am will likely not do well on weekends. It’s recommended that you schedule your weekend posts on Threads to go live at around 10 am. You should also target the post-launch time frame between 3 pm and 7 pm for optimal visibility results.


Posting on threads for maximum visibility relies heavily on the timing of your thread posts. However, it is essential to mention that timing alone does not guarantee your content will go viral. What your Threads post does for you is give you an incredible but temporary visibility boost. However, what makes your content relevant for the long haul is its content. So, while it’s essential to keep proper timing in mind when designing your thread posts, you also need to ensure quality is optimal too.


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