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Most popular social networking sites and apps worldwide

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Social media is the best platform that people use to share their information or communicate with each other. Various social networking sites and apps have made our work easy and help to maintain communication with people staying over a long distance. Many of the people use these applications and sites as the basic tool for their business. Other use this platform to get famous through their unique skills.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular social networking sites and apps and their features in detail. So, let’s get started!

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List of Top 7 Social Networking Sites

Following is the list of most popular networking sites:

1. Facebook

Developed by Mark Zuckerberg on 4th February 2004, this has become a perfect platform for restoring communication among the people around the world. Since that time, it has reached over 1.59 billion users per month. It has been a great platform to connect people altogether from different countries, continents, and states. With more developed features, Facebook has added its messaging app as ‘facebook messenger’.

Here are some amazing features of Facebook app you need to know:

  • You can add a video as your profile picture through the all-new feature of Facebook “add profile video”.
  • Group video call is the other new feature that will make you amaze. Through this, you can connect over 4 friends on a group video conference.
  • Privacy guard feature of Facebook protects your profile picture and don’t let anyone download it.
  • You can add different themes to your profile picture while uploading it.
  • The live feature of Facebook allows you to share your life experiences with your Facebook friends.

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2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social networking apps use worldwide by people. Released on 6th October 2010, Instagram has marked its territory. By a single click on the follow button, you can reach the person you want to. Many of the people use it to promote and earn. Here are some exciting features of Instagram.

  • You can share your photos and videos by adding a filter to it. The filter gives a new look to your picture or video and makes it more terrific.
  • Story feature of Instagram allows you to share a picture or video for 24 hours. You can also set privacy through which followers of your choice can view your story.
  • You can choose the live video option to share your experiences with your followers

3. Whatsapp

This won’t be a new term for you. It is an app with various extraordinary features. Here are some of it.

  •  Group chats and group video calls.
  • Sharing files like documents, audio, video, pictures, GIF.
  • Online chatting with your close friends and relatives.
  • Adding a status to inform your friends and relatives about the ongoing activities in your life.

4. YoWhatsApp apk

It is a whole new modified WhatsApp alike app. It’s an apk file that you can’t download from your play store. You need to go to external sources to download YoWhatsApp apk. With more added features, it will add more privacy to your life.

  • You can choose the contacts that can call you or can see your status.
  • Change size and type of your font.
  •  Send media files up to 700 MB.
  • Lock your app through fingerprint or pattern lock.

5. Snapchat

Worldwide used to upload pictures and videos and send it to your selected contacts, Snapchat is the next on our most popular apps. Here are some astounding features of snapchat.

  • Customize people on the basis of your story visibility.
  • Whole new filters to make your story photos and videos more exciting and amazing.
  • The location features allow you to locate the nearby friends.
  • Screenshot notifications make you aware about the people who took a screenshot of your story and chats.
  • Add location to your stories.

5. Hike

The Hike is new in the race of social networking apps but is able to make some space in your phone memories. People are liking this app because of some new and amazing feature like.

  • Stickers are a whole new feature added by the hike to add more fun in your daily chat experience.
  • You can select the contacts who can view your timeline and profile picture.
  •  Hide last seen from selected contacts.
  • Adding a chat theme that will be visible to both the people who are chatting.

7. YouTube

YouTube is a great platform for people to showcase their talent via social networking sites. Following features make it more popular among all age groups.

  • You can download the videos and view it on offline mode even if you are not having internet access.
  • Subscribers can add comments and like the videos and share it through other social networking sites.
  • You don’t have to worry about the size of the video.
  • Bell button allows you to notify your subscriber whenever you upload a new video.

Thus, we have covered some of the amazing social networking sites and apps that have made our lives easier with faster communication. Go check them out and enjoy unlimited communication at the comfort of your place.


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