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The Importance of Quality Assurance in Mobile App Development Explained

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With 8.93 million mobile apps surging globally, only a handful hit the favorite list of users and made it to their mobiles. Now, why’s that? Isn’t mobile app development a serendipity and a standardized approach for all things apps? It is also a fact that an individual, on average, has around 40 apps on their phones.

There is an entire series of tasks and steps that separate the average ones from the ones that top the charts. And that, of course, includes quality assurance in mobile app development. All that boils down to the cream layer statistics, where the best of the rest of the apps are. And if you want to reign supreme in this app sphere, mobile app QA testing is something that you cannot take a raincheck on. To know why, skim through the sections below.

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What is Quality Assurance in Mobile App Development?

We all know for a fact that mobile apps are something that has become an indispensable part of our lives. Because the digital age brings in the phenomenon of mini software applications for everything you opt for. So, whether it’s a pizza that you’re craving or a sleep pattern analysis that you want to opt for. There are apps for every other thing. More like we are currently living in an app-sphere and users on the other hand are not even next to overwhelmed. Which means there is more room for your app to pitch in. But, but, there is a condition precedent to make it big with your app in this over-competitive era.

See, getting an app developed may not be a big of a hassle in case you have a perfect mobile app development service provider for you. But, Quality Assurance in the mobile app development process has to be a thing and a task to be addressed without fail. Like the entire process from idea to iteration right from design, UI/UX functionality to down to mobile app quality assurance is important. However, this is something that should have your most attention.

Quality Assurance in Mobile App Development: To put simply is the ‘Final’ that one does before releasing the product in the market. Now, let us give you a little technical explanation of the same. A run of rigorous testing that the app is put on in terms of checking the usability, functionality, and performance. Basically, a test to ensure that the requirements are met and it functions to the potential prompted.

Coming to the WHY part, as it is said before getting to the how to untangle the why? So, there chain of purpose. The investor gets an app built to bank on the profits and monetary gains. On the other hand, the user uses and downloads the app to leverage the functions, features and get the work done. And, all of this is possible If your app is built accurately and you in turn have ensured that the same is in tune with your user’s requirements. Having said that, it is possible if you are well versed in the process. And know what part of it is non-negotiable to park the profits via your app.

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The Undeniable Suite of Aspects: Quality Assurance in Mobile App Development

The rule of thumb when it comes to investment is the return on investment is the focal point. And, mobile app development is no exception here. However, there is a little twist here. With the return on investment, the aim is to have the app be a hit on the Play Store or app store. There is also the goal to bag in the most user base and hit the download records. And, for all of that and more there is one quick fix post-QA in the mobile app development process.

Before getting into the site of aspects or moreso the winning tasks for your app, you first need to understand why’s? The core purpose of the app is to be function and feature-rich, fulfill the user requirements, and in turn scale and surge for the investors. Now, this could appear as too much of a hassle but it isn’t. On the other hand, it is more like plotting and parking profits your way.

1. Functionality Test

Apps that host the best functionality and least lags reign supreme is an unspoken rule. Serving the users with functionally finest apps is a top priority. Imagine having the best-designed app, with the best of features but then the to access those features isn’t a cakewalk for the users. 

To win and get your app sailing at the top amidst the humongous competition wave. You need to ensure the functions are right in place and working. Because functions are the main character of any software application. And, when it comes to apps you are just one tap away to get your app replaced. Yes, with a clone app (out of the number of apps on your user’s apps). 

2. Performance Test

    Better late than never is a factual supremacy. It’s no news that there the number of apps are getting closer to population. Plus, the user fraternity is growing exponentially making room for more apps than ever. But, this is not as seamless as it looks like. Users in this modern digital age are super specific with their requirements and a little unforgiving too, 

    Now, this of course means high turnaround times, high loading loops, and redirection are the fastest ways to fail on performance levels. Ensuring that the apps is right on pace and free of lags is a part of mobile app QA testing. 

    3. Usability Test

      It’s not only about how functionally and feature-stacked your app is. It all comes down to how easy, simplified, and user-centric it is for your users to navigate through the app. The navigation journey is what makes the app user-friendly. 

      However, this all comes to show in sequence if the process of testing in mobile app development is taken into consideration. By building prototypes, mocks, etc to check if the code, design, and text are in place. 

      4. Security Test

        Winning a user’s trust is far more important and difficult than winning a user base. It is a non-negotiable aspect for the app owners. Ensuring that the user information is safe, proper authentication is maintained and the entire database structure is accurately maintained. 

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          5. Quick Composite Run

          It’s the design and UI.UX, features as well as the functionalities that make it a full-fledged mobile app. Besides all of this and more, there is QA. And, for that, you need professional mobile app developers. 

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          Well, now that you’re clear with all the aspects that help you have an upper hand in the entire mobile app development lifecycle. Remember there are more apps than you think there are and your users have multiple options to choose from. This now brings us to equip you with how important mobile app QA testing is. Also, all of this means a lesser cost of mobile app development. Logically enough once you fix it all and have the entire app in place, of course, you would not have many loops.

          How Important is Quality Assurance in Mobile App Development?

          It is one of the most important things! And, no you cannot take a raincheck on this. There are of course more reasons claiming its significance. Of course, the number of apps is topping the roof, the users are too on the other hand and so is the competition. But, for businesses across the world and genres, as promised we will equip you with reasons for our claim.

          Make it simple for you, if the answer to all these questions mentioned here under is a ‘Yes’. Then, make a note that 

          • Want user satisfaction?
          • Is a higher user base your goal?
          • The best app of the category tag is your goal?
          • High-end functionality and features?
          • Seamless navigation?
          • Lesser Load times?
          • Strong market reputation?
          • Lower post-release maintenance cost?
          • User-centric app development?

          In addition, for all this and more everything in nexus with mobile app development agencies is Quality Assurance in mobile app development. 


          Be it for food delivery, retail, healthcare or banking apps are no longer a luxury but a necessity as the entire trajectory has changed to the digital realm. With that, the modern user base is all about online, tap-to-try, tap-to-buy scenarios. However, you can have the best idea, plan, process, and even the best of professional mobile app developers. But, Quality Assurance in mobile app development is a non-negotiable.


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