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Effective Tips to Dominate Social Media Marketing on Facebook in 2020

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The social media marketing domain is booming. Although many players have popped up in the domain, Facebook still remains at the helm of social media channels.

With more than 2 billion daily active users on the platform, almost every niche audience can be found on Facebook.

Businesses and marketers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to market their products and services on the platform.

In this post, we will be looking at the top 5 highly effective tips that can help you in dominating your social media marketing on Facebook.

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Most Effective Tips to Dominate Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Here are the top 5 impactful tips that can help you dominate your social media marketing strategy on Facebook and reach out to your audience effectively.

1. Develop your strategy in line with your goals

When it comes to social media marketing on Facebook, the possibilities are simply endless. Therefore, it’s best to have a clear picture of your goals and then start developing your strategy that perfectly aligns with your targets.

You need to keep your goals as specific as possible. Suppose you want to enhance your brand’s awareness, it is suggested that you emphasize growing your follower base and your strategy needs to align with this goal.

Similarly, if your goal is to enhance the profit metrics of your eCommerce store, your marketing strategy needs to emphasize to increase the conversion rates.

The Facebook analytics section can help you to track the cost of every conversion that you garner and the ROI from your marketing spends.

2. Invest wisely & judiciously

Having a well thought out marketing budget for your ad spends is probably a good idea. As Facebook becomes more of a pay-to-play platform, it has become increasingly important to keep check of your marketing spends on the platform.

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An advertising budget is crucial to succeeding in this highly competitive Facebook marketing environment.

But, at the same time, you need to ensure that you don’t waste a lot of money while trying to amplify your marketing strategy.

All of your marketing efforts need to be highly channelized and must fulfill their desired objectives.

Ads targeted towards increasing your sales and leads require more money than ads that are simply targeted to increase the visibility of your brand.

Even if your ads are not performing as expected in real-time, sometimes it can take a bit longer. But once your campaign is highly optimized, Facebook has the potential to emerge as the perfect weapon that can help you win this highly competitive social media battle.

3. Deploy Facebook analytics and leverage the insights

Facebook provides detailed analytics for all the content that you publish on the platform. You can leverage this data to build impactful social media strategies that generate enormous ROI for your marketing spends.

There are a lot of statistics that can be leveraged to ensure that you have an impactful social media strategy that reaches an exponential number of audiences.

Analytics can help you in targeting specific audiences that you want to target and provide you with ways to maximize engagement levels.

You need to pay attention to every post and work on those that receive maximum engagement.

If a post receives a lot of likes and comments, you can consider sharing more posts of the same nature that have the potential of garnering a high level of exposure from your audience.

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4. Leverage the power of videos

Studies have suggested that by 2020, 85% of global web traffic will comprise videos. Therefore, if videos are still not a part of your marketing strategy, you might want to reconsider your approach entirely.

High-quality videos developed using platforms such as InVideo have the potential of garnering immense reach for your content. Moreover, share-worthy videos further enhance the reach of your brand.

When discussing ads and Facebook posts, videos are currently the most preferred medium for marketing purposes.

Nearly 82% of businesses and brands have reported that video marketing is an important component of their marketing strategy.

Videos are immensely helpful in building trust with your audience and when you have an innovative product, your audience must identify it by simply looking at your video thumbnail. This tremendously enhances the likelihood of them purchasing your product or service.

5. Hire a marketing agency

Keeping in line with the ever-changing policies and guidelines of Facebook might seem like a pain. It might even feel overwhelming to keep up with all the latest updates that surround the platform.

To simplify this, you can simply hire a marketing agency that takes care of everything on your behalf while you stay busy running your business.

Social media marketing agencies have access to crucial user analytics that go far beyond the ones provided by Facebook.

Moreover, they can help you in designing and deploying impactful campaigns that have the potential for turning the tides for your brand.

They can also help you in saving a lot of money by posting content when a large number of your audience is active.

Hiring an agency to handle the social media marketing aspect of your brand can help you focus entirely on running your business.

This provides you with an ample amount of time to develop social media strategies that go far beyond social media marketing strategies.


These are some of the most effective social media marketing strategies for Facebook.

If you design and develop your Facebook marketing strategy surrounding these tips, it is highly likely that you will receive an optimal ROI on your marketing spends and garner tremendous visibility for your brand.


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