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The 10 Top Notch Browser Games You Will Get Addicted To

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No one can be spared from addiction to computer games. It only takes the right console and the right theme to hook somebody to a computer. In this review, we will visit the 10 top notch browser games that one can play in a browser.

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10 Top Notch Browser Games List

1. Slot Machines

Who does not love slots? Today, a lot of these are available online like the ones in B Bets. The good news is that not all casinos require you to register an account to play. Many online casinos provide an unlimited play-for-fun experience where the player can access the same games that patrons do, albeit without playing with real money.

2. 2048

This is a numbers game that challenges your logical skills. In it, you must combine squares with random numbers that are divisible by 2. You must do this in a 16-tile block. When combined, these numbers will be multiplied by two, and another tile will appear. You can only combine the same numbers. You can combine two and two, which will turn into a tile of four.

The whole block will spout new tiles after every move, and you must keep moving them until you hit 2048. Failure to combine the tiles per move means that one tile will remain occupied, thus reducing the number of free tiles for movement. Once you are out of tiles where you can move, you lose. This one is addicting because getting a block to 2048 is really difficult.

3. Bow Man

This game does not boast of awesome graphics. In it, you play the character of a stickman armed with a bow. Your goal is to hit the target by setting the correct angle of your bow and arrow using the right amount of power. The addiction comes from the fact that you are always likely to fail to hit the target.

4. The Last Stand

If you like killing zombies, this should be a part of your daily routine. It has simple graphics and easy to play. As you advance through each stage, you receive a different kind of weapon. The zombies also become much more difficult to kill.

5. Dino Run

This is a simple program that runs on pixelated graphics. In it, you are a dinosaur running away from the apocalypse. As you run. You must collect as many coins as you can and convert these into points. Each stage raises the difficulty level. The challenge here is that you need to strategise which direction to take.  Each decision you make, whether you stop or continue running, will affect how you clear the level. You also need to avoid other dinosaurs because they will slow you down.

6. Bejeweled

This is the grandfather of matching games like Candy Crush Saga. You must match different types of jewels of different colors to pop them. It has a classic mode where you are not likely to lose. All you have to worry about is getting points. If you select speed mode, you must pop these jewels in a race against time. The arrangement of the jewels become more and more complicated as you progress. What makes it addicting is the complexity of each level. A player will find it difficult to accept defeat and thus will play more.

7. The Jigsaw Puzzles

This game is a good choice if you want to waste time and yet feel satisfaction after playing. It works like a real jigsaw puzzle albeit online. The difficulty level depends on the number of pieces that you need to arrange. This game has thousands of puzzles to solve, and it can take you hours to put them together.

8. Dolphin Olympics 2

Those who will never see a live dolphin action can play this to their hearts’ content. This game allows you to control the dolphin to do acrobatic stunts. It requires proper timing by using the arrow keys and combining different moves for a nice stunt. To earn speed bonuses, you need to lead a school of fish or swim through speed rings. The controls are a little confusing, as the dolphin will continuously flip if you do not let go of the left and right arrow keys. The secret here is to always remember that the up arrow key will make the dolphin move where its nose is pointed.

9. Vector Runner

This game is all about running. You need to control a shape that does not stop moving. Your objective is to make sure that the shape does not hit any obstacle and that you pick up as many coins as you can. The first few checkpoints are relatively easy. But as you go along, you need to start jumping to avoid random obstacles. There is a simple jump and a double jump, which you can do by double-clicking the jump button. Choosing the wrong jump mode can end your game.

10. Formula Fever

Any fan of racing games will never be a completely bona fides without playing any of the F1 games. Although Formula Fever is far from the quality of graphics that we are used to in gaming consoles and motion simulators, it has a pretty amazing combination of colors that will certainly give you the vibe of great F1 games. In it, you just need to race around and collect coins without hitting the other cars. You also need to finish the game in the first place to move towards the next round.

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