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5 Trends That Are Modernizing Gaming

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The gaming world today is almost unrecognizable compared to just a few decades ago. The graphics and interaction feature alone transport players from their living rooms into the thick of the action. With advancements in gaming evolving all the time, it’s vital that game designers stay on the cutting edge of the newest technology. Check out four trends that are modernizing the gaming world as we know it.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

When game designers create something that makes people walk into street lights and chase imaginary figures, you know you’re onto something. Pokémon GO took the world by storm in 2016 with the use of augmented reality.

Most people play video games to go away from the reality of life. And what better way to achieve this than to quite literally transform the gamer’s entire universe? This means inserting characters from users’ favorite games into the tangible world through augmented reality. Virtual reality, on the flip side, pulls users into the game itself. VR is the closest most gamers will get to climbing into their favorite games.

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Mobile Gaming

It’s no surprise that gamers are slowly moving from consoles in their living room to playing on mobile devices. The world has gone mobile. By this time next year, the average mobile internet usage time is expected to rise to 190 minutes per day. Game designers, just like website designers, need to create games that are mobile-friendly.

But the design elements aren’t the only things to consider. Advanced graphics and console-like play will make mobile games more appealing to users. Make those games cross-platform compatible, and you’ll enable users to start a game on their PC and finish it on their tablet or smartphone.

Designing Games for Viewing 

With over 1 billion active users each month, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet. So, what will you do with modernizing gaming? More and more gamers are filming themselves playing and commentating on their favorite games and posting these tutorial videos online. And YouTube users are eating it up.

Gamers turn to these videos for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their gaming experience. This means that designers must now pay close attention to the visuals of each game. Chances are, potential customers will YouTube a tutorial of your game before making a purchase.

Interactive Play

The gaming community is huge, with great importance placed on connecting with gamers from around the world. The use of headsets, video features, and chat rooms helps gamers to strategize and communicate across time zones. If you’re not familiar with interactive gaming, the Agora Quick Start Guide can explain how it’s all made possible.

The introduction of social sharing has taken interactive gaming to a whole new level. We live in a social media-obsessed culture that is quickly leaking into the gaming world. Games that offer social platforms where users can communicate and interact create a deeper sense of loyalty to the game. 

The world of gaming is quickly falling into line with other technology trends. Designing games strictly for consoles is no longer going to cut it. Designers need to focus on mobile and interactive features to keep up with the times. 

Enhancing the rapid growth of multiplayer

Game developers are adopting a new approach to assist the fastest-growing multiplayer game industry that is already very much prevalent across the globe. They are doing so to satisfy the player’s thirst for greater gaming experiences. In order to fulfill the player’s demand appreciably, the game back ends must need to run seamlessly across hybrid and multi-cloud. This must hold true in order to scale globally.

The game developers are containerizing backend workloads to manage multi-cloud deployments more simply. They can do so by building on Kubernetes’ popularity. We are observing this paradigm shift and wish that this trend may continue even more.

Game developers can run their game where it makes the most sense while reducing the management overhead. This is possible because containerization and open source can abstract away the underlying infrastructure.


As a result of all these developments, game developers across the globe will start to create their own hit games. Hence, it is high time to be a game developer.


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