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Behind The Scenes Of The World’s Best Casino Games

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So you play the games, you try your luck, and you win your prizes- but do you ever put any thought into what goes on behind the scenes? Nope, didn’t think so! Behind the great graphics, awesome sound effects, brilliant bonuses, nail-biting spins, and enthralling gameplay is a cornucopia of technical wizardry, software sophistication and programming know-how that keeps things running smoothly.

With so many service providers out there to choose from it can be overwhelming knowing which one to plump for but it is safe to say that going for the biggest names is often the best option. You can choose from a range of top names, great games, and awesome free spins, bonuses, and special offers. But let us take a moment to find out what makes them tick, let us go behind the scenes and check out the biggest names behind the best casino software, Read on to find out more.

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Microgaming was the pioneer of online gambling and can trace its roots back to the Isle of Mann in 1994. Right back at the beginning of the popularity of the internet, they were on the ball and ahead of the game before anyone really could imagine just how big the internet and online gaming was going to be. Nowadays they are the leaders of the pack and their standard casino offers over 600 games from slots and video poker to roulette and other card games.

Proudly- as well as many online gambling awards they also hold the record for the biggest prize ever on a progressive slot game Mega Moolah- a cool £13.3 million! Chances are if you have ever dabbled in the world of online casinos- then you too have played a Microgaming game.

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Next up in the software hall of fame is NetEnt. Another industry kingpin and stalwart who has been pioneering the way for over 20 years they are also one of the most famous and well-respected providers in the industry. They count over 100 of the world’s top casino operators as clients and handled a staggering 21.4 billion iGaming transactions in 2014 alone! With an offering of 200 games and counting, they are a serious contender in the world of online casinos. You can practice your favorite games with the help of the big timer to win more.


A bit newer in the game, multi-million-pound business Playtech has done well to catch up with the big boys such as NetEnt and Microgaming and in today’s competitive sphere, it is a force to contend with. As well as offering best casino games platforms, they also dabble in shares, and binary options so, in some ways, they actually surpass their competitors. Furthermore, they also hold the keys to some of the most popular franchises in the gaming world- the Marvel comic books which are some of the most sought-after slots on the planet. One thing is sure, the others should keep their eye on Playtech as they are set for bigger and better things in the future!

There you have it, the top companies that keep the cogs turning behind the scenes when you log on to try your luck at the world’s best casino games!


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