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Operating System MCQ Questions with answer set-4

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Here are the collections of operating system MCQ questions which includes multiple choice questions on fundamental of operating system. It includes MCQ questions on starvation, deadlock, process suspension and process management function of an operating system.

1. ………….. refers to a situation in which a process is ready to execute but is continuously denied access to a processor in deference to other processes.
A) Synchronization
B) Mutual Exclusion
C) Dead lock
D) Starvation

2. Which of the following is not the approach to dealing with deadlock?
A) Prevention
B) Avoidance
C) Detection
D) Deletion

3. Which of the following are the states of a five state process model?
i) Running            ii) Ready               iii) New                 iv) Exit              v) Destroy
A) i, ii, iii and v only
B) i, ii, iv and v only
C) i, ii, iii, and iv only
D) All i, ii, iii, iv and v

4. State which statement is true for Suspended process?
i) The process is not immediately available for execution.
ii) The process may be removed from suspended state automatically without removal order.
A) i only
B) ii only
C) i and ii only
D) None

5. Following is/are the reasons for process suspension.
A) Swapping parent process
B) Inter request
C) Timing
D) All of the above

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6. The different types of tables maintained by the operating system are ………….
A) memory, logical , I/O file
B) memory, I/O, file, physical
C) memory, I/O, file, process
D) memory, logical, I/O, physical

7. Which of the following information not included in memory table?
A) The allocation of main memory to process.
B) The allocation of secondary memory to process
C) Any information needed to manage virtual memory
D) Any information about the existence of file

8. Process Management function of an operating system kernel includes.
A) Process creation and termination.
B) Process scheduling and dispatching
C) Process switching
D) All of the above

9. The typical elements of process image are …………………
i) User data         ii) System Data                  iii) User program              iv) System stack
A) i, iii and iv only
B) i, ii,  and iv only
C) ii, iii, and iv only
D) All i, ii, iii, and iv

10. Match the following mechanisms for interrupting the execution of a process and their uses.
i) Interrupt                 a) Call to an operating system function
ii) Trap                        b) Reaction to an asynchronous external event
iii) Supervisor Call   c) Handling of a error or an exception condition
A) i-a, ii-b, iii-c
B) i-c, ii-a, iii-b
C) i-b, ii-c, iii-a
D) i-a, ii-c, iii-b

1.   D) Starvation
2.   D) Deletion
3.   C) i, ii, iii, and iv only
4.   A) i only
5.   D) All of the above
6.   C) memory, I/O, file, process
7.   D) Any information….. of file
8.   D) All of the above
9.   A) i, iii and iv only
10.   C) i-b, ii-c, iii-a

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