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Solved MCQ on the Operating System Set-5

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Here is the collection of solved MCQ on the operating system includes objective types of questions on the fundamentals of the operating system. It includes interview questions on Mutual Exclusion, Deadlock, and the method of deadlock prevention.

1. The unit of dispatching is usually referred to as a …………..
A) Thread
B) Lightweight process
C) Process
D) Both A and B

2. ……………….. is a example of an operating system that support single user process and single thread.
C) OS/2
D) Windows 2000

3. State true or false.
i) Unix, support multiple user process but only support one thread per process.
ii) A java run time environment is an example of a system of one process with multiple threads.
A) True, False
B) True, True
C) False, True
D) False, False

4. …………… are very effective because a mode switch is not required to switch from one thread to another.
A) Kernel-level threads
B) User-level threads
C) Alterable threads
D) Application level threads

5. …………… is a condition in which there is a set of concurrent processes, only one of which is able to access a given resource or perform a given function at any time.
A) Mutual Exclusion
B) Busy Waiting
C) Deadlock
D) Starvation

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6. …………………. Techniques can be used to resolve  conflicts, such as competition for resources, and to synchronize processes so that they can cooperate.
A) Mutual Exclusion
B) Busy Waiting
C) Deadlock
D) Starvation

7. ……………. Can be defined as the permanent blocking of a set
of processed that either complete for system resources or communicate with each other.
A) Deadlock
B) Permanent lock
C) Starvation
D) Mutual exclusion

8. The following conditions of policy must be present for a
deadlock to be possible.
i) Mutual exclusion             ii) Hold and wait
iii) No preemption              iv) Circular wait
A) i, ii and iii only
B) ii, iii and iv only
C) i, iii and iv only
D) All i, ii, iii and iv

9. A direct method of deadlock prevention is to prevent the occurrence of …………..
A) Mutual exclusion
B) Hold and wait
C) Circular waits
D) No preemption

10. State true or false.
i) With paging, each process is divided into relatively small, fixed-size pages.
ii) Segmentation provides for the use of pieces of varying size.
A) True, False
B) True, True
C) False, True
D) False, False


1. D) Both A and B
2. B) MS-DOS
3. A) True, False
4. B) User-level threads
5. A) Mutual Exclusion
6. A) Mutual Exclusion
7. A) Deadlock
8. D) All i, ii, iii and iv
9. C) Circular waits
10. B) True, True

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