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MCQ on Computer Networking Tests with Answer set-6

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Here are the collections of MCQ questions that are required for computer networking tests along with the answer. It includes interview questions on the topics of examples of Interior Gateway Protocols (IGP), FTP server, loopback address, and HTTP status code for computer networking tests.

1. The examples of Interior Gateway Protocols (IGP) are.
i) Open Short Path First (OSPF)
ii) Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
iii) Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
A) i only
B) i, and ii only
C) i and iii only
D) All i, ii and iii

2. FTP server listens to connections on port …………………….
A) 19 and 20
B) 20 and 21
C) 21 and 22
D) 20 and 22

3. Which of the following operations can be performed by using FTP.
i) Connect to a remote host
ii) Select directory
iii) Define the transfer mode
iv) List file available
A) i, and ii only
B) i, ii and iii only
C) ii, iii and iv only
D) All i, ii, iii and iv

4. A ………….. is a set of information that is exchanged between a client and a web browser and a web server during an HTTP transaction.
A) infoset
B) clientinfo
C) cookie
D) transkie

5. Match the following HTTP status code to their respective definitions.
i) 400 a) OK
ii) 500 b) Not found
iii) 200 c) Continue
iv) 100 d) Internal server error
A) i-b, ii-d, iii-a, iv-c
B) i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d
C) i-b, ii-c, iii-a, iv-d
D) i-b, ii-a, iii-c, iv-d

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6. Loopback address ……………………. of IPv6 address is equivalent to the IPV4 loopback address
A) (: : 1)
B) (: : )
C) (: : 0)
D) (1 : : )

7. Unspecified address ………………….. of IPV6 address is equivalent to the IPV4 unspecified address
A) (: : 1)
B) (: : )
C) (: : 0)
D) (1 : : )
8. A simple cabling method, known as the ……………… topology allows about 30 computers on a maximum cable length of about 600 feet.
A) Ring
B) Bus
C) Star
D) Mesh

9. The ……………… layer is responsible for resolving access to shared media or resources.
A) Physical
B) Mac sub-layer
C) Network
D) Transport

10. A WAN typically spans a set of countries that have data rates less than ……………. Mbps.
A) 2
B) 1
C) 4
D) 100


1. B) i, and ii only
2. B) 20 and 21
3. D) All i, ii, iii and iv
4. C) cookie
5. A) i-b, ii-d, iii-a, iv-c
6. A) (: : 1)
7. B) (: : )
8. B) Bus
9. B) Mac sub layer
10. B) 1

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