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Top 10 Freelance Jobs Sites To Earn Online

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Freelance job sites provide an opportunity to post their projects to be done for the employer and allow to do the project for the employee. Freelance job sites became today’s most effective and reliable online marketplace for doing freelance work. From those sites, you can do any type of work according to your skill and experience. Mostly programming and designing works are popular among others. Other types of work like search engine optimization, online marketing, e-mail marketing, article writing, logo designing, graphic designing, etc. may also be available. Here are the top 10 lists of freelance job sites which may help you to find out the best freelance site that matches you.

Top 10 Freelance Jobs Sites To Earn Online


It is the world’s largest freelance site where job providers find, hire and pay talented and experienced freelancers from around the world. Freelancers are also allowed to set an hourly of their based on their skills and experience and are paid for every hour they have worked. If you are a skilled person in any field, you can earn online by exposing your talents. You can use various tools and techniques i.e. performing various tests matching your skills and different posting for your guideline, to push up your skill and knowledge.

You can also earn extra by referring to your friend by using its affiliate program, which is free to join and you can earn up to $50 for per lead. I want to recommend joining here for your successful online earning.

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It is the largest online workplace for online workers, which is better for businesses as well as freelancers. You can create your free account both as a job provider and a job seeker. Upwork provides great security features for the advanced security of accounts for their users.

As a freelancer, you can get your favorite and highly skilled jobs easily and apply for them. Jobs can be found for working both an hourly based and fixed price. You can also get notified about a new job posting that matches your profile directly to your skills list.

It provides easy, flexible, and low-cost payment options for both freelancers and clients. You can use any of the options which are easier and available for you. The different payment and withdrawal methods available here are PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.

Upwork also provides referral programs to promote them with your friends. Another program called the affiliate program is also available to allow the users to earn extra for sending their website visitors to the Upwork website.

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It is the largest freelance job site in the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. Any small to medium business can get quality work at an affordable price and only pay after the work completely finished. Freelancers can also get jobs that best match their skills.

It takes $3 USD or 3% of the total project for the employer and up to $5 USD or 10% for the freelancer which is greater for the completion of the project. You can pay or withdraw by credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Web Money, Wire transfer, etc. You can also get paid 90% of all the project commissions by referring your friends.

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This freelance job site Guru is the best for both the business and the freelancer. It also provides freelancers to work for any of the hourly and fixed-priced projects.

The payments and withdrawals can proceed through a check, e-check, wire transfer, PayPal, credit card, etc. Since it is free to join as a basic member but you can also subscribe to a paid membership as a “Guru” or “Guru Vender” membership plan. Freelancers with a basic membership type are charged 9% and Guru and Guru Vendor membership charges a 4.5% project fee.

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Fivver is a little different type of freelance job site than others, which I have described above. It is the most popular who wanted to be done their work for as low as $5. Here you can buy or sell a service starting from $5. The projects can be found to work and can post the projects to a large range of categories like Graphics & Design, Video and Animation, Online marketing, Writing & Translation, Advertising, business, programming, and many more.

You can sell any of the services by creating a gig and publishing it on the Fiverr website publicly. After the gig is published, you can get the order and then get paid after delivering their work.

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This freelance jobs site offered services through either Hourlies which are fixed price services or custom jobs which are fixed prices or price per hour. Users can register on PeoplePerHour for free and can post their jobs as job providers or can do other jobs as a worker.

The payments are made after the buyer agreed to the work successfully completed. The payment is made by creating an Escrow account. It does not charge a fee to the buyer, who buys the services, and takes some fee of 3.5% from the seller, who sells the services. You can do payments or withdraw by using different methods like Bank transfer, PayPal, Credit or Debit card, etc.

To Start to Earn Online or Post Your Projects on PeoplePerHour: Register Now for Free


99designs is the world’s largest leading freelance site, especially for design work. Here business owners can buy and designers design logos, business cards, t-shirts, websites, and many more.

To get started to work from here, you can have to create your account first and then you can search for design projects. You can participate in the design contest for the projects to win prizes and improve your skill.

If you won a contest, you have to transfer the copyright to the contest holder and upload your original design file, after that contest holder credit the prize to you. You can request payouts by using any of the methods provided by 99designs. The payment methods provided are Payoneer, PayPal, Moneybooker, and Western Union Money Transfer.

To Start to Earn Online or Post Your Projects on 99designs: Register Now for Free


Design crowd is an online marketplace for providing logo, website, and graphic design services from freelance graphic designers. The business or people who need a design can post the project for a design contest or run a freelance job.

As a designer, you can earn from here by participating in a design contest or freelance job. In a design contest, you can get paid after your posted design is selected by a buyer and in a freelance job, you have to be selected for the projects at first and then you can start to work on that projects.

After you won the design contest or you have completed your project, you can get paid via PayPal or Moneybookers (Skrill). You can earn from its affiliate program also, if you refer any customer that posts a design contest, you will be paid $30 USD.

To Start to Earn Online or Post Your Projects on Designcrowd: Register Now for Free


It is also the largest marketplace for freelance designs and writing services. The buyer, who posts the projects receives the different designs and concepts, then select the best and paid for it.

As a designer, you can participate in the design contest by submitting your best design according to the project’s criteria or information. If your design is selected by the client awarded the prize. You can withdraw your payment by using any of the major credit cards or PayPal.

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10. Other More Freelance Jobs Sites are:

  •  Logomyway              – For Logo Design Work
  •  LogoTurnament        – For Logo Design Work
  •        – To Start a design contest for just $29
  •         – For Programming, Design, and SEO
  •      – For Programmers, Designers, and Copywriter


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