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Top 10 Secrets for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success

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Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for search engines. By optimizing your Search engine optimization doesn’t have any new secrets or tricks that only SEO expert knows. It is only the common ideas applied by SEO companies. But the only difference is the ways and methods they are using for it. Today I am going to summarize some important secret ideas that are followed by SEO experts, which are doing it all for free.

Optimizing the website in the correct way your website may appear in the top position in the search engine results. In this tutorial, we have listed the top 10 secrets for search engine optimization that can help you to get success in increasing the site traffic as well as the page rank.

1. Do Research for Keyword Phrases

Before starting a new website or any new page of the website invests your time in keyword research. You can use any free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Tool and Bing Keyword Research Tool and any other professional tools like Word Stream, Word tracker, and Keyword Discovery. These tools can find the best keyword phrases and can learn about your target visitors.

2. Design an SEO-Friendly Website

As much as flash content, as much as images and images without ‘alt’ attribute affects the site’s rankings. There are other things to be aware of while designing an SEO-Friendly website are sparse text, poorly written code, many javascript codes on your pages, 404 errors, Using graphics instead of navigation, high deeply nested pages, and the pages that cannot be found by clicking a link. These are some a few, there are other a lot of things you should be careful. Take consult with someone SEO expert while designing your site.

3. Write Unique Page Titles

Writing a unique page title is the most essential thing for a website to make SEO-friendly. Every webpage on your site should have a different and unique page title. So you should be much careful while selecting the page title of your website.

4. Use Suitable Meta Description Tag

Every website needs Meta Description Tag. Google and other search engines will use the Meta Description Tag, which you place on your site if the user searched for the keyword that exists in the Meta description for each new page for the website you have created. You can also include your brand or companies address and phone number on Meta Description Tag.

5. Write Focused Content

While writing content for your website homepage or any other subpages should be focused on any topic you want to write. This may appear to be simple common sense, but too often a web page will try to be, too many things presented on it may dilute the focused thing. You should focus the main topic on the homepage and its sub-topic on the subpages.

6. Insert Appropriate Keywords

You should insert appropriate keywords on the contents of your site, to create descriptive and keyword-rich content, which will be known by search engines with higher visibility. But, you should write for humans, not for only search engines. The content should be human-understandable and meaningful.

7. Create Deep links

Getting links from other highly ranked websites will be the most advantageous thing for your website. While acquiring links to your website, not get only for your home page. It looks odd to the search engines when they notice so many links all pointing to your home page, which may seem unnatural. So you should acquire links to other most important pages also. Such getting links for internal pages called deep linking. Deep linking also alerts the search engines to the fact that you have good and targeted contents if people are linking to your interior or sub-pages.

8. Create Internal Links

The website’s internal linking is most important for the site’s navigation. Site navigation is the most important part of your site for a better user experience. If I have good internal links, users of the site can reach on most important pages easily. Internal links also help to distribute page rank on all the pages equally. Linking from the homepage to other subpages is delivering page rank from the home page to other pages.

9. Build Keyword Rich Links

While creating internal as well as external links for your website, you should build keyword-rich links. There are nothing more important things to get high page ranking success of your site other than strategic link building. You should choose the right text keywords for your website and create links using those texts.

10. Create Website Sitemap

The sitemap is the most essential part of your website. It makes easier indexing of your site by the search engines. In other words, it helps the search engine find all the pages on your site. Sitemap helps you should create two types of sitemaps, XML sitemap for search engines and HTML sitemap for the users of the website.
There are a lot of ideas and secrets that will make your SEO work successful. I have summarized here only some important ideas among them. If you follow only these tips for SEO, you will achieve unexpected success on it.


Shuseel Baral is a web programmer and the founder of InfoTechSite has over 8 years of experience in software development, internet, SEO, blogging and marketing digital products and services is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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