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Top 100 Interview Questions on E-Commerce part-4

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This section of the top 100 interview questions on E-Commerce includes the top 20 interview questions on the basis of e-commerce techniques with examples. It includes MCQ questions on e-marketing, intra-business e-commerce, the dimension of e-commerce, secure electronic transaction protocol, digital signature, and the public key.

1) The general premise of …… is to effectively manage the flow of product, information, and finances between all trading partners.
A. supply chain management
B. value chain management
C. e-procurement
D. e-tailing

2) E-marketing is best seen as ……
A. The same as e-commerce
B. Equivalent to e-business
C. Broader than e-business
D. A subset of e-business

3) Intra business e-commerce is sometimes called ……. e-commerce.
A. B2C
B. B2E
C. B2B
D. B2G

4) The practice of forging a return address on an e-mail address on an e-mail so that the recipient is fooled into revealing private information is termed as.
A. Hacking
B. Cracking
C. Dumpster diving
D. Spoofing

5) Web sites use ……… to compile personal information on their visitors and then use the information to create customer profiles.
A. cookies
B. transition pages
C. registration forms
D. Both A and C

6) The online content revenue model in which free content drives offline revenues is called the  ……
A. marketing model
B. advertising model
C. pay-per-view model
D. subscription model

7) Websites upon which members can congregate online and exchange views on issues of common interest are known as …….
A. Web casts
B. Public communities
C. Web communities
D. E-marketing

8) When a customer chooses an item for purchase on a website, the item is placed in a virtual …
A. basket
B. shopping bag
C. box
D. shopping cart

9) The dimension of e-commerce that enables commerce across national boundaries is called ………
A. interactivity
B. global reach
C. richness
D. ubiquity

10) ……… is the encompassing term that involves the use of electronic platforms: intranets, extra-nets and the internet: to conduct a company’s business.
A. E-marketing
B. E-business
C. E-procurement
D. E-commerce

11) The children’s ……. of 1998 requires certain commercial websites to obtain parental consent before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information about children under 13.
A. online privacy protection act
B. data protection directive
C. national infrastructure protection center
D. code of ethics

 12) The area of actual or potential commercial value in which a company intends to operate is a …….
A. market space
B. marketplace
C. perfect market
D. Bertrand market

13) For carrying out C2C E-Commerce the following infrastructure is essential
i) World Wide Web
ii) Corporate network
iii) Electronic Data Interchange Standards
iv) Secure Payment Services
V) Secure electronic communication link connecting businesses
A. i and ii
B. ii and iv
C. i and iii
D. i and iv

14) What web server functionality allows it verify usernames and passwords and process certificates and encryption information?
A. Processing of HTTP requests
B. File Transfer Protocol
C. Data capture
D. Security services

15) Social networking sites primarily earn their revenue through …..
A. advertising
B. subscriptions
C. donations
D. service fees

16) Public key system is useful because ….
A. it uses two keys
B. there is no key distribution problem as public key can be kept in a commonly accessible database
C. private key can be kept secret
D. it is a symmetric key system

17) E-commerce merchant server software includes all of the following except ……
A. online e-mail
B. online catalog
C. online shopping cart
D. online credit card processing

18) A digital signature is
A. a bit string giving identity of a correspondent
B. a unique identification of a sender
C. an authentication of an electronic record by tying it uniquely to a key only a sender knows
D. an encrypted signature of sender

19) Which of the following is a measure of the percentage of purchasers who return to a web site within a year?
A. loyalty
B. reach
C. recency
D. unique visitors

20) The secure electronic transaction protocol is used for
A. credit card payment
B. cheque payment
C. electronic cash payments
D. payment of small amounts for internet services


1) A. supply chain management
2) D. A subset of e-business
3) B. B2E
4) D. Spoofing
5) D. Both A and C
6) A. marketing model
7) C. Web communities
8) D. shopping cart
9) B. global reach 
10) B. E-business
11) A. online privacy protection act
12) A. market space
13) C. i and iii
14) D. Security services
15) A. advertising
16) B. there is no key distribution problem as the public key can be kept in a commonly accessible database
17) A. online e-mail
18) C. an authentication of an electronic record by tying it uniquely to a key only a sender knows
19) A. loyalty
20) A. credit card payment

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