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Top 100 Interview Questions on E-Commerce part-5

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This section of the top 100 interview questions on E-Commerce includes the collections of 20 multiple-choice questions on the fundamentals of e-commerce techniques. It includes interview questions on the certification of digital signature, the best advantages of e-books, the primary function of a web portal, and the advantages of B2C commerce.

1) Which of the following is one of the most predominant factors in the credibility of a web site?
A. Design look
B. Information accuracy
C. Information focus
D. Information design/structure

2) Which of the following measures the percentage of people exposed to an online advertisement who actually clicks on the banner?
A. impression rate
B. view-through rate
C. click-through rate
D. stickiness ratio

3) Certification of Digital signature by an independent authority is needed because
A. it is safe
B. it gives confidence to a business
C. the authority checks and assures customers that the public key indeed belongs to the business which claims its ownership.
D. private key claimed by a sender may not be actually his

4) Which of the following is the best advantage of e-books?
A. Reduced transaction costs for the user
B. Requirement of expensive devices to use
C. Portability compared to print books
D. Copyright management

5) Which of the following is not a primary function of a portal?
A. navigation of the web
B. social networking
C. commerce
D. content

6) In electronic cheque payments developed, it is assumed that most of the transactions will be…
A. customers to customers
B. customers to a business
C. business to business
D. banks to banks

7) ………. are used by consumers to locate the best price for the desired product.
A. Shopping bots
B. Search engines
C. Middle-ware routines
D. Worms

8) A ……… network is an extranet with poor security that is relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain.
A. public
B. secure private
C. virtual private
D. Internet virtual private

9) Which of the following best describes predicted growth in C2C and B2C auction spending?
A. B2C spending will overtake C2C spending
B. Both type of spending will increase
C. C2C spending will decrease while B2C increases
D. Both types of spending will decline at similar rates.

10) An electronic check is one form of what?
A. E-commerce
B. Online banking
C. E-cash
D. Check

11) While shopping online, ………… are used to keep track of what the customer has placed in the shopping cart.
A. spiders
B. cookies
C. registers
D. proxy servers

12) What consists of the identification of risks or threats, the implementation of security measures, and the monitoring of those measures for effectiveness?
A. Risk management
B. Risk assessment
C. Security
D. None of the above

 13) A secure private network physically attaches intranets to an extranet through
A. coaxial cables
B. fiber optics
C. private leased phone lines
D. microwave and wireless transmissions

14) Which of the following statements about privacy is true?
A. It is a normal right to be left alone
B. Only corporations and governments need to be concerned about it.
C. It has only just recently become a concern.
D. It is most easily obtained on the Internet.

15) What is the unauthorized use, duplication, distribution, or sale of copyrighted software?
A. Accessed software
B. Pirated software
C. Counterfeit software
D. Privacy

16) An e-business that allows the consumer to name their own price for produces and services is following which e-business model?
A. B2B
B. B2G
C. C2C
D. C2B

17) E-business can be defined as …..
A. the uninhibited flow of information and goods on the web.
B. the use of the Internet and the web to transact business.
C. digitally enabled transactions and processes within an organization.
D. commercial transactions involving electronic goods.

18) The underlying computing equipment that the system uses to achieve its e-commerce functionality is called a ……….
A. hardware platform
B. content platform
C. transaction platform
D. scalability platform

19) Advantages of B2C commerce to customers are
i) a wide variety of goods can be accessed and comparative prices can be found
ii) shopping can be done at any time
iii) privacy of transactions can be guaranteed
iv) security of transactions can be guaranteed
A. i and ii
B. ii and iii
C. iii and iv
D. i and iv

20) The process of getting customers to pass along a company’s marketing messaged to friends, family and colleagues is known as …..
A. affiliate marketing
B. viral marketing
C. permission marketing
D. blog marketing


1) B. Information accuracy
2) C. click-through rate
3) C. the authority checks and assures customers that the public key indeed belongs to the business which claims its ownership.
4) A. Reduced transaction costs for the user
5) B. social networking
6) C. business to business
7) A. Shopping bots
8) A. public
9) B. Both types of spending will increase
10) B. Online banking
11) B. cookies
12) A. Risk management
13) C. private leased phone lines
14) A. It is a normal right to be left alone
15) B. Pirated software
16) D. C2B
17) C. digitally enabled transactions and processes within an organization.
18) A. hardware platform
19) A. i and ii
20) B. viral marketing

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