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10 Ways of Getting Sponsored Your Blog by Advertisers

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You can monetize your blog with displaying Ads from Ad networks, getting direct Ads, placing affiliate links on your blog posts and promoting other’s products and services to generate income from affiliate sales and getting sponsored your blog post or placing sponsored links on your blog. Your blog will get sponsored by getting sponsored your new or already published blog post, getting advertorials where all the contents are provided by advertisers, getting sponsored a video and infographic which will be published on your blog and publishing press release provided by the advertiser.  In this blog post, I have presented 10 ways of getting sponsored your blog by advertisers.

1. Writing Blog Posts as Advertisers Requirement

You can get sponsored your blog for a new blog post with writing articles by you according to the advertiser’s requirements.  The length of the article, types of content, number of backlinks and whether to integrate images or videos can be negotiated on the agreement between the advertiser and you.  You can also set the price for a sponsored post on your blog.

2. Publishing Advertorials Written by Advertiser

If you publish articles written by advertisers themselves and published on your topic relevant blog, they are called advertorials, where all the content, text, images/videos are specified by the advertiser and used by the publisher.

3. Creating Videos and Publishing on Your Blog

You can create videos and publish on your blog for advertisers with a brand message available and the videos can be hosted by an external provider or the advertiser and published by the publisher as a blog article. The video includes a content text that can describe the content of the video and is written by the publisher.

4. Creating an Infographic and Publishing on Your Blog

Your blog can also be sponsored for creating an and publishing Infographic which can explain a complex topic clearly at a glance and is therefore actively shared and distributed with conveying brand messages.  Using infographics within a blog post is the most effective way of attracting visitors to your blog.

5. Publishing Press Releases Provided by Advertiser

You can generate revenue easily with publishing press releases which are an appropriate way of spreading product and company news that needs to be published word for word. The contents on the blog posts are completely specified by the advertiser which may include image files, such as company logos or product images.

6. Placing Links on Previously Published Blog Post

Placing sponsored links on a previously published blog post is another way of monetizing your blog. While sponsoring your blog, the advertiser may want to place their websites or blog links on your previously published blog posts. So you can place your rate for sponsoring those links on your blog.

7. Placing Text Links on Your Blog

You may also place sponsored text links on the sidebar, header, or footer of your blog or website to generate more revenue on your website.  Google suggests placing only “nofollow” links while placing sponsored links on the websites or blogs, so I would recommend using “nofollow” link on sponsored links.

8. Placing Banners on Your Blog

Your blog sponsor may also want to place banners on your blog, which may also help to generate extra revenue from your blog. These sponsored banners can be placed on the sidebar, footer area, above or below the menu and above or below the header of the blog post.

9. Creating Special Page for Advertiser

Creating a special page on your blog for promoting the advertiser’s product or services is another method for getting sponsored your blog post. Since it is a special type of advertising its rate may be higher than other sponsoring methods which can generate little more revenue than other methods.

10. Publishing on Social Media Accounts

Along with placing advertisement banners, text links, or blog posts you can earn some revenues with publishing advertisers’ content on your social media accounts FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.  You may also set your rate for publishing sponsored posts on your social media accounts based on your number or followers are in your accounts.

You can get sponsored your blog post with these ways either offering them directly on your blog or using third party websites like which provides those services. To offer to sponsor your blog for advertisers, you have to create an “advertise with us” or “sponsor us” page with writing different offers along with their prices and contact details. You can also add a contact form at the bottom of your page. On handling an advertiser by you, there may be a risk of not getting paid after publishing the post. If you use any third party websites, all of the tasks handled by them, you don’t have to worry about managing advertisements and payments. 


Shuseel Baral is a web programmer and the founder of InfoTechSite has over 8 years of experience in software development, internet, SEO, blogging and marketing digital products and services is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

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