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Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Small Business

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It’s a fact: small business need to try and save costs wherever possible. When a business is in the startup phase or is short of income and making minimal or no profit at all. As a business owner, there is no ways to market your small business in this situation. It only makes sense that some costly procedures need to wait for a better time.

Business experts often recommend startups to focus solely on stabilizing the business, instead of growing the venture. Of course, growing and moving forward is the way to market success, but there is a certain way to go about it. Here we are going to discuss some inexpensive ways to market your small business that ensures your small business remains stable while climbing the ladder.

A sure way of causing unnecessary problems in the business is by rushing the process; spending large amounts of money in the hope that the business will scale quickly. However, in saying this, there are some areas of business where shortcuts are not recommended, even for small business’ with limited capital. One such area is marketing. Even though we recommend not taking shortcuts, there are indeed ways to market your business in line with your budget.

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Ways to Market Your Small Business

Take a look at these effective ways to market your small business which will not only promote growth but also ensure you do it in the most affordable way

1. Improve your SEO Strategies

The term ‘SEO’ may seem like a buzzword. But in fact, it is one of the most important modern marketing techniques of the decade. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a set of ‘rules’ or guidelines. If followed, will enable search engines to notice your website and provide it to the searcher. In this day and age, the internet is jam-packed with various websites – many of which will be very similar to what you are offering.

In order to stand out and gain traffic, SEO is a fundamental tool which you should certainly invest in. If you are not familiar with SEO but would like to reap the rewards that come with implementing it. There are SEO agencies such as Ruby Digital who will gladly help you and your business to flourish online.

2. Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to inform potential clients about your business and the way in which you solve their problem. It’s a fantastic way to build rapport and a great way to build trust. Especially if your content is of high quality and if you are providing the reader with useful information, tips or advice. A blog also greatly improves your SEO, but again, only if you are making use of SEO tools such as utilizing strong keywords, writing posts of a certain number of words, optimizing images, etc.

3. Invest in Social Media Pages

Social Media has taken the world by storm. With almost every second person being active on at least one or more social media accounts. Social media has made marketing easier than ever. It is because for the first time in history millions of people can be reached and spoken to, influenced and attracted by a few simple posts. And advertisements which cost a measly fraction of traditional marketing techniques. Today, if your business is not making use of social media in some capacity, you are greatly missing out. The businesses which are active on social portals are being noticed. They’re being remembered and to put it frankly, they’re making much bigger profits that those who aren’t.

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4. Invest in PR

PR is a traditional marketing technique. Although social media, and the growth of the media arena in general, has made it a lot more effective. It may be a good idea to contact a PR agency. They can get you interviews with influential magazines, blogs, radio stations, podcasts or social media pages. PR is not something you can really do on your own. It isn’t very costly, and it helps to get your business name out there, as well as get people familiar with what you offer and what your brand stands for. In a time where people enjoy the content and enjoy learning about new offerings and trendy brands. PR has taken off once again as an effective yet affordable marketing channel.

5. Network within the Industry

Creating a network within the industry is one of the best ways to market your business. Word of mouth has always been a very effective way of acquiring new clients and getting your brand known and respected. Networking with successful people within your industry will not only help you to learn more about the space. They may open up opportunities to perhaps collaborate with other small business owners in the long run. Entering into your field’s ‘community’ will also get you noticed, respected and may lead to referrals. OR it may simply make you aware of advancements you never knew of previously.


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