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Is Your Business Ready For Remote Workforce?

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With employees working an average of 39.7 hours per week (vs. 44.3 hours globally), Denmark tends to boast of the best work-life balance in the world. Well, this doesn’t mean that their remote workforce works fewer hours a week, but that they are more satisfied with their work. For you to reach high job satisfaction rates in your business. You need to build an atmosphere that encourages work-life balance for your employees.

While you need employees to work on office projects, you also need to offer them time to mingle with their family members as well as have a life outside the office walls. Luckily, embracing remote work is a great way to reinforce a healthy work-life balance among your employees. Sadly, remote work is not meant for every business.

Here are a few signs that your business is ready for a remote workforce:

You Can Invest In the Right Technology

There is no better time technologically to turn your remote workforce into one than today, whether part-time or full time. If you would love to have workers work remotely a few days in the week, mini remote control software can help them access your organization’s tools and IT systems without any hassle. Additionally, troubleshooting customer complaints become a breeze.

As for communication, numerous channels encourage it, from emails, video calling software to even applications that support collaboration between team members. If accountability is the issue, time tracking software can also come in handy to determine whether employees are putting in the expected hours. As long as your organization has both the financial capacity and manpower to utilize this technology. You can easily introduce remote work to your organization.

Millennials Are Dominant in Your Remote Workforce

Millennials are typically hungry for some work-life balance. They think of success as less of how fast they can climb the hierarchy in a company. It is more about how much control they have over their work vs. life experiences. Most of them find flexibility as a satisfying factor when looking for a job as they mostly have spouses who are also working full time.

This means that even the least amount of free time they get from work means more time catering to other obligations. What’s even better is that this is the generation that started working with technology as a cushion to help make work easier. As such, they can easily adapt to using technology. Which supports remote work with little friction, when compared to the generation x and baby boomers workforce.

You Can Focus On Results

Remote work calls for a shift in the leadership mindset of your whole team. Instead of focusing on the actions of employees to achieve a task, you should focus on the results. This means that you need to embrace autonomy within your workplace.

Employees need to feel that you trust them to deliver work while working independently from you. If you must monitor their work, you should never cross the line where your efforts will impede productivity. Instead, employees should have the urge to be accountable for what they do without having to be placed under the microscope.

Are You Comfortable With Technology?

It is one thing to have the capacity to invest in technology and another to actually be comfortable with using it. The brick and mortar office environment gives leaders a sense of control when it comes to managing employees. Employees too feel as if they belong to a community, both of which you will potentially give up with a remote workforce.

Are You Comfortable With Technology

The mindset with most leaders is that they need to be in constant communication with the remote team to feel in control as well as make such employees feel included. However, the reality is that this constant communication on trivial issues will often make employees uncomfortable. You should be comfortable enough to use the technology sparingly, only to communicate vital job details.

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Remote work requires you to have the ingredients of the right leadership, mindset, and employees. It demands a shift in how you look at your workforce as a leader. As long as you can adapt well to these aspects. Achieving high work-life balance levels through remote work will be a breeze.


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