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How to make money writing as a freelance writer?

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Making money with writing as a freelance writer is enticing for many. The opportunity to work remotely, choose the projects and clients to work with, and manage the workload attracts both professional writers and those new in the writing field. Yet, if you only consider working self-employed with writing as a freelance writer, you might not be aware of the wealth of opportunities that this path has to offer.

Today’s article will share possible ways of earning money with writing as a freelance writer. Whether you consider writing as a side affair or would like to turn it into a full-time career, you’ll definitely find some new options you haven’t thought of before.

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How to earn money with writing as a freelance writer?

Choose your niche (and become an expert)

When you’re only starting a writing career, it makes sense to take every assignment that comes your way just to gain experience. But later on, you should choose the niche you’ll specialize in. The best writers aren’t Jacks of all trades. They know ins and outs of one specific industry and that’s what makes them valuable professionals. You can choose the preferred topics or specialize in a particular type of writing (such as eBooks, website and blog content, white papers, magazine articles, etc.).

Sign up for the freelance website

The fastest way to start off your career is to offer your services on the website where clients lookup for freelancers. Upwork, Fiverr and Simply Hired are examples of the large freelancer platform. Yet, you might want to sign up for the local or specialized freelance job sites as well. Be sure to complete your online profile carefully and attach the portfolio of works. It will help persuade the clients to hire you over other freelancers.

Advertise your services online

Once you’ve decided to earn money writing, spread the word about it online and in-person. Inform everyone in your network so that the people you already know could use your services or recommend you to someone who is in need of writing. People are more willing to hire a freelancer they know rather than a complete stranger. So, you’ll find it much easier to get your first projects if you tap your network or ask someone to recommend you.

Customize your proposals

Finding your first clients might be tough. Yet, avoid approaching all potential clients with the same cookie-cutter letter. Customize your proposal for each particular project, pointing out that you’ve understood the assignment and know how to approach the task effectively. Explain how your background can be valuable for the client and why they should hire you. Clients can tell customized proposals from generic ones, and favor those freelancers who took time to learn more about the project before applying.

Join the academic writing company

If you want to be an academic writer who specializes in writing college essays and English research papers, you’ll need to sign up for the specific academic paper writing company. Such essay companies assist students from the US and beyond with their papers, homework, and other assignments given by instructors. Since clients are US students, you need to be a native English speaker and have a good command of at least one academic subject. An essay service usually has tight deadlines for assignments so you’ll need strong organizational skills as well.

Build long-term client relationships

Your goal as a freelancer is to get more well-paying clients and to achieve it, you’ll need to build relationships with them. As you work for a client, ask them to provide feedback. If they’re happy with the work you’ve done, don’t be shy to approach them for more projects or ask to recommend your services to someone. If people enjoy working with you and you make an impression of a competent and reliable writer, you’ll find it easy to build a steady client base.

Never stop learning

Making money with writing as a freelance writer is about ongoing learning and expanding your skills. You’ll need to grow your knowledge in a particular niche to broaden your expertise and charge more for your services. If you decide to specialize in copywriting, for instance, you’ll need a bunch of other skills in addition to writing. These skills include SMM, keyword optimization, basics of online marketing, and more. The key idea here is that the more you are educated in some field and the more extra skills you have, the higher pay you can charge for your services


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