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7 Ways of Making Your Freelancer Profile Perfect

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In the previous post, I have listed the top 10 freelancer sites to earn online as a freelancer. After completing the registration process on those sites, you have to complete your strong profile at first; it is the best way to stand out from other freelancers.

Only a perfect profile that is complete, accurate along with a complete list of your skills and services which can improve your chances of getting hired. Here I have listed 7 ways of making your freelancer profile perfect.

Add Your Professional Profile Picture

You should add a head-shot image of yourself with a friendly expression and plain background.

Add Your Best Skills Sets

Submit the skills list which you can do professionally on which you can actually solve the problems, these types of skills are called primary skills.  Put your primary skills on the top of your list.

You have to make another set of skills that could potentially offer on the side; they won’t fit into the job title, but you can do a reasonable job of them when you need to. Submit such skills as secondary skills after primary skills. You can use your secondary skills on the big project related to the primary skillset.

Here are a few sample skills that may or may not be on your list.

  • Logo Design
  • Front End Development
  • Copywriting
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Photography
  • CMS Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Database Management

Choose Accurate Title

Choose the title on your profile which can reflect your personal experience and most preferred jobs. If you have good knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. then you can write “web designer” on the title, similarly, if you are skilled in development work, you can set “web developer”.  Other examples of titles you can use in your profile are “graphic designer”, “graphic animator”, “copywriter”, “videographer”, “IT Project Manager” etc.

Write Your Complete Overview

Write your overview to be read everyone who visits your profile.  Describe the business and the services you offer by explaining how your skills can solve the problems.  Here is an example of a good and complete overview that can be written on your profile as a web designer.

” I am a web designer experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php and all types of CMS work with over 10 years of designing projects for some of the most innovative companies in the world. I’m here to bring a strong knowledge of leading design teams.  I have been working with “Websoft Solutions LLC.” for many years.  I’ve personally managed over 100’s of website development works.”

Create and Submit Video with Introducing Yourself

If the freelancer site where you registered supports adding video on your profile create a video with introducing yourself, your skills, and the services you can provide with the best performance.

Add your Educational Details

Add your most recent education which is related to the skills you have submitted. Highlight accomplishments, professional certificates and licenses. If you have any special recognition or awards submit them also. While submitting your education and training detail also submit the topics and subjects you have learned.

Add your Employment History

Submitting your employment history is most essential for creating a perfect and awesome freelancer profile.  Add all of your working histories along with the details of your working institutions, post and the role you have performed on each organization.

Here I have written some common tips for making your freelancer profile awesome that can win the business. All the tips will be applied to most of the freelancer sites, you can also view more other tips and helps on the respective freelancer sites. If you know any more tips then the above or you have comments and suggestions feel free to submit them on the comment session below.

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