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Solved MCQ on Internet and HTML set-1

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This set of solved MCQ questions on the Internet and HTML includes the collections of interview questions on fundamentals of internet and HTML. It includes the collection of solved MCQ on the history of the internet, fundamentals of HTML codes, and internet architecture.

1. The attribute ……………… of <BODY> tag sets the color of hypertext links.
A) link
B) vlink
C) alink
D) hlink

2. The default font size of HTML is …………………..
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 3

3. This is a networking device that passes data between networks having similar functions but dissimilar implementations.
A) Hub
B) Modem
C) Gateway
D) Repeater

4. In order to connect to ISP’s server you need …….
A) Hand gloves
B) Printer
C) User name and Password
D) None of the above

5. DNS translates ………
A) domain name into IP
B) IP into a domain name
C) both a & b
D) domain name into the physical address

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6. In order to upload an HTML file to a web server, you use

7. IEEE stands for ……..
A) Institute of estimated elevator efficiency
B) Institute of Electrical and economical engineers
C) Institute of Eurasia engineering event
D) Institute of electrical and electronics engineers

8. The regional networks are connected to the corporate networks, this is also called as ……..
A) Backbone
D) Intranet

9. Once the email is sent, the message is broken into pieces called ………………
A) Packets
B) Process
C) Digits
D) Bytes

10. ………………. is known as the father of the World Wide Web.
A) Robert Cailliau
B) Tim Thompson
C) Charles Darwin
D) Tim Berners-Lee


1. A) link
2. D) 3
3. C) Gateway
4. C) User name and Password
5. C) both a & b
6. D) FTP
7. D) Institute of electrical and electronics engineers
8. A) Backbone
9. A) Packets
10. D) Tim Berners-Lee

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