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MCQ on System Analysis and Design With Answer set-6

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This set of MCQ on system analysis and design with answer includes the collection of multiple-choice questions on the fundamentals of System analysis and design. It includes a collection of MCQ on physical and logical DFD, data store in a DFD, major steps of system design and the different tools available with the system analysis.

1. ……………………. refers to the collection of information pertinent to systems project.
A) Data gathering
B) Data Exporting
C) Data Embedding
D) Data importing

2. A physical DFD
A) has no means of showing material flow
B) does not concern itself with material flow
C) can show only stored material
D) can show the flow of material

3. Development costs for a computer-based information system include/s ……………………
A) Salaries of the system analysis
B) Cost of converting and preparing data
C) Cost of testing and documenting
D) All A, B, C

4. Before developing a logical DFD it is a good idea to
A) develop a physical DFD
B) develop a system flow chart
C) determine the contents of all data stores
D) find out the user’s preferences

5. A data store in a DFD represents
A) a sequential file
B) a disk store
C) a repository of data
D) a random access memory

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6. Which of the following is/are major step/s of system design?
A) Specification of system output
B) Development of system flowchart
C) Development of program specifications
D) All A, B, C

7. A data flow can
A) only enter a data store
B) only leave a data store
C) enter or leave data store
D) either enter or leave a data store but not both

8. ………………… means coordinated effort, to communicate the information of the system in written form.
A) System Documentation
B) System Storage
C) System Record
D) System Share

9. Some of the tools which are available with the system analysis are ………………..
A) Review of Documentation & Observation of the situation
B) Conducting Interviews & Questionnaire Administration
C) Both A & B
D) Review of Procedure & Conducting Interviews

1.  A) Data gathering
2.  D) can show the flow of material
3.  D) All A, B, C
4.  A) develop a physical DFD
5.  C) a repository of data
6.  D) All A, B, C
7.  C) enter or leave data store
8.  A) System Documentation
9.  C) Both A & B

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