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How to Find Your Desired Project on Freelance Sites Quickly

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After completing your profile on freelancer sites, the biggest challenge as a freelancer is to find your desired project to work. The basic ways to get work as a freelancer include becoming an active and engaged member on freelancer sites, checking your opportunities infrequent manner which ensures that you never miss out on projects you are great feet for.

Other ways of getting work are setting for email alerts, responding quickly to job invites you to receive, using multiple forms of communications, searching based on a fixed price and hourly jobs, understanding the client’s needs and asking questions that are unanswered.

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Here are the explanations in detail for more information about the tips given above.

Check Your Opportunities in Frequent Manner

You have to check your opportunities in a frequent manner (i.e. daily). Click on the find works, find projects, opportunities or pick a skill and search from the search bar to find the projects that match your desired work quickly.

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Setup Email Alerts and Job Feed

Setup email alerts to get email updates with job opportunities more quickly. You can set up for this option from the settings or Notification settings area, you can also set up job feed with specifying a filter

Respond Quickly to the Job Invites You Receive

After completing your eye-catching profile with a strong skill set, you are sure to get personally invited to jobs as well. Be sure to respond quickly to invites, letting them know if you are interested in the requested job or not.

Use Multiple Form of Communication

You can use multiple forms of communication when conferring with potential clients along with the private message board provided by freelancer sites. You can pick up the phone calls, skype, or any other email messaging service like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.

Search-Based on Fixed Price and Hourly Jobs

When searching for jobs, search based on a fixed price and hourly jobs whether you prefer fixed or hourly jobs based on you. On hourly contracts, you are paid by the hour which means an hour paid for an hour worked. This option is particularly popular when the project has a good chance of flexibility.

On fixed-price jobs, you are paid a fixed amount for the project deliverable. Most of the freelance sites have an escrow feature, where the client funds your job before work begins when the client approves the work, payment is automatically released to you.

Understand the Clients Needs

Make sure that you have read and understood the job/project description. You have to remember that you are doing something for your clients, not for you. So you should always be clear that you have to plan the project according to your client’s needs.

Inform the Clients before Selecting Projects

Do not choose large projects without informing or consulting the clients, which helps both of you and the client to understand the requirements and conditions for the projects as well as the minimal revisions needed for the work.

Ask Questions That Are Unanswered

After reading all the job descriptions provided by your clients, you may ask the questions that are unanswered in their project detail. It is not necessary to ask questions that are unanswered somewhere else, but make absolutely sure that you understand what you are supposed to be doing.

Check-in Clients You Worked Before

Check-in clients you worked before in every few months. If you can, ask something you have learned about them during the project. Keep the relationships with the client after completing the projects; you may request for the new project they are going to start.

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